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Tycho Magnetic Anomally 1

Tycho is a lunar base from the World of 2001

The effects of the Tycho Magnetic Anomaly 1 were discovered by a low-level lunar reconnaissance orbiter. On April 12 2001, after a two-week excavation, a USAA survey team uncovered the Monolith. It looked so new that an attempt was made to link the find to the third Chinese lunar expedition three years earlier. However, further investigation revealed the monolith had been buried for three million years (four million in the film), thus proving the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. On April 26 2001 Heywood Floyd stepped into the excavation pit, moments before T.M.A.-1 ‘greeted the lunar dawn’. The location of T.M.A.-1 in World of 2001 was determined by Nautilus through cross checking the survey maps glimpsed in the film (while Floyd is en route from Clavius) with NASA data. If you want to have a close look at the excavation pit details, hit [F4], select ‘Camera’ and target ‘Tycho’ from the ‘Spaceports’ list, then zoom in!

The World of 2001


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