Serenitatis Base(2001)

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Serenitatis Base

Serenitatis Base is a lunar base from the World of 2001

Serenitatis Base is Britain’s foothold on the Moon. Appearing in neither film nor novel, Serenitatis Base is derived from ‘The Sentinel’, A short story written by Arthur C Clarke at Christmas 1948 for a BBC competition (he didn’t win). When Kubrick first immersed himself in Clarke’s writing he found a concept from ‘The Sentinel’ which provided the basis for 2001’s T.M.A.-1. Without ‘The Sentinel’ there would be no 2001: A Space Odyssey as we know it. For this reason we include Serenitatis Base. The design for Serenitatis Base is loosely derived from a JSC Advanced Programs Office concept from 1989.

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