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Mark Lieberbaum wrote a very nice manual to augment the documentation that comes with jarmonik's Interplanetary MFD add-on for Orbiter. He has kindly given permission to include the manual in RSFA. The initial versions of these pages represent the sections of Mark's IMFD Full Manual, as you can download it from Check the "View history" tab of each article to see the subsequent updates.

The downloadable manual also includes a set of playback scenarios that illustrate the use of IMFD. Playbacks 1-3 and 5-7 were developed by Mark Lieberbaum; playback 4 was developed by Tom Roach.

You can use the scenarios that come with the manual. However, the individual scenarios will likely be updated as these pages are edited, so you can download new scenarios from links on the relevant pages. For help installing add-ons, see Installing Orbiter Add-ons. Note that Mark Lieberbaum's user name on Orbiter Forum is markl316; Tom Roach is Tommy on Orbiter Forum.

Foreword by Mark Lieberbaum[edit]

I have made this manual and tutorial package so that everybody can learn how to perform complex navigation maneuvers, such as interplanetary transfers, direct ascents, and direct reentries. Credit goes to jarmonik, the programmer and creator of Interplanetary MFD, who did an extraordinary job to create one of the most powerful and useful MFD’s in existence. Also, I used text from his IMFD manuals in this manual. Credit also goes to Tommy for several things—proofreading this manual and tutorial package, helping me figure out complex navigation maneuvers, helping me find more efficient ways to use IMFD, and making the playback for IMFD tutorial #4—Moon to Earth. And of course, credit goes to Dr. Martin Schweiger, without whom we would not have Orbiter. With this manual and tutorial package, I hope that anybody who wants to can fly to other planets, moons, and space stations and explore the solar system in a way they can only do in their dreams. Please, if you have any questions or suggestions for a future release, please do not hesitate to contact me via PM on and I will do my best to help you with whatever it is you need. So, are you ready to explore the solar system? Get flying!


IMFD Full Manual can be downloaded at Orbiter-forum/Resources.


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The IMFD Full Manual is the definitive reference for the Interplanetary MFD. The entire text is available here, and the scenario/playback files for the tutorials can be downloaded as well. (More...)