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IMFD Configuration Page[edit]

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Nodal Regression enables regression computations for source and target orbits.

Mission Timer specifies what mode of date you use, GET or MJD.

Timer Start MJD specifies the start date of the GET timer. If the date is not valid GET feature will be automatically disabled.

LambertAP Mode specifies primary operation mode of the guidance system. See details on page 2.

Landing Target option is used to define an additional target such as a ground base. This option is currently used by only the Map Program.

Time Of Landing specifies time of landing. This option is used predict an alignment of ground base and it's only used by Map Program.

AutoBurn Maxrate specifies maximum angular velocity used in autoburn.

Glass Cockpit Mode When this mode is NO, Arrows are on the right hand buttons and their commands are displayed in the MFD. When this mode is YES, the commands are directly displayed on the right hand buttons.

Entry Intrf.Alt specifies default setting for atmospheric entry interface altitude.

AB RCS Threshold specifies remaining DV at which point the Main Engines cut off and the rest is done with the forward translational thrusters.

AB Throttle Down specifies remaining DV at which point the Main Engines are commanded to begin throttling down.

Parking Orbit Altitude Altitude at which all programs use for parking orbits before transfers.

Secure cut-off is a feature used by Map program. If it's enabled, the trajectory will be plotted in the Map by using pre-computed engine cut-off state vectors that are created by navigation programs. If it's disabled, the Map program will "simulate" the burn using engine thrust parameters and thrust vector.

Propagate TEj enables numerical ignition state vector propagation. P30 Comp Mode is used only by NASSP 7 beta. This setting must be "1" when used with NASSP 7 beta (March 22. 2009 or later). And "2" is used when used with older beta versions. It will control direction of P30 compensation. Consider switching to this option if the TLI burn attitude is incorrect. It is best to leave all items in their original setting except the following:

Mission, Timer Start MJD, Autoburn Max Rate, Glass Cockpit Mode, Entry Interf. AB RCS Threshold, AB Throttle Down, and Parking Orbit Altitude.

If your ship keeps rotating and never getting to the correct burn attitude (attitude thrusters keep firing and the ship keeps spinning like crazy) when you hit [AB] (ie the RCS thrusters provide a low angular acceleration—good examples are Vespucci and Deepstar) you might want to turn Autoburn Max Rate down. Or, you could open burn vector view, manually rotate towards the cross, then hit Autoburn.

IMFD Background Information IMFD Manual Contents IMFD Map Program