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Uranus in Orbiter
Name Uranus
Reference body Sun
Number of satellites 27
Physical parameters*
Mass 8.683×1025 kg
Mean Radius 2.536×107 m
Gravitational moments J2=0.012
Siderial day -6.206×104 s
Orbital period 2.647×109 s
Obliquity of ecliptic 23.44°
Atmosphere Yes
Atmosphere model J71G
Surface Pressure 101.3 KPa
Surface Density 1.225 kg/m3
Specific gas constant 286.91 J/(K kg)
Specific heat ratio 1.40
Osculating elements (ecliptic frame)*
Semi-major axis 1.4973×1011 m
Eccentricity 0.016991
Inclination 0.00°
Note *Elements given are from Orbiter 2016

Uranus in Orbiter

Uranus is the 7th planet from the Sun. It has at least 27 natural satellites.

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Natural satellites[edit]