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A stub is a short article, which desperatly needs editing and more content. Stubs are not bad, as stubs are considered the start of an article, not the end of one.

Marking an article as stub[edit]

Administrators are encouraged to mark articles as stub, if the article is not having enough content to help the users of the wiki.

For declaring an article as stub, you only have to include the template Stub in the article, by inserting:


Removing stub marks[edit]

When any user thinks, his edit of the article has now added enough content to it, to make the article more than just a stub, he can simply remove the template.

Special stub categories[edit]

Later, it might make sense for the OrbiterWiki to add special stub categories. As long as we only have a few articles at all, this is of course overkill. Suggestions for stub categories should be put into the discussion page of this article.