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This page collects links to other Orbiter-related homepages in the world wide web. Each homepage is only allowed to appear once, deleting a homepage from the list without a good reason (offline for a long time, not orbiter related) is considered vandalism and will be treated by the admin team like that.

For adding a new link, just use the following templates.

  1. Start the link with a {{Comlink begin|Title}} and replace "Title" by the title of the homepage you want to add.
  2. if you have a banner for this website, you can include it with {{Comlink banner|Image name}} template, where you replace "Image name" by the name of the uploaded image file, without the prefix "Image:".
  3. If you have a good description text, follow the header by a {{Comlink desc|Description}} section.
  4. For ending the link, close the block with {{Comlink end|Link}} with "Link" being the URL of the homepage.

Official Orbiter page[edit]

Orbiter Home
orbiter logo.png
The main orbiter homepage and the most important source for news and facts on orbiter

Addon repositories[edit]

NOTE: All add-ons from OrbitHangar have been migrated to Orbiter-Forum/Resources. The OrbitHangar link will redirect you.
Orbit Hangar Mods
CVEL Repository

Orbiter community pages[edit]

Orbiter Forums
Orbiterforums logo.jpg
Main forum of the Orbiter community.
Dans Orbiter Page
Home of many famous addons, including OrbiterSound, UMMU, UCGO, and the DeltaGliderIV.
Forum Orbiter Italia
foi ba10.jpg
FOI - Orbiter Forum of the Italian Community / Forum Orbiter della community italiana
Tuttovola logo.png
Italian Orbiter section at - La sezione dedicata a Orbiter su
Vinkas Orbiter site
Home of multistage.dll and spacecraft.dll. The famous mesh converter can also be found there
Meadville Space Center
HarmsWay's Orbiter site
Gene Harm's site is the place to go if you're new to orbiter: great FAQ about orbiter; Add-on review; Tutorial, it has everything to help you make your first step.
Orbiter Italia
Italian Orbiter Site / Sito italiano su Orbiter

Virtual Space Agencies[edit]

Polish Virtual Space Agency

Other links[edit]

Martin Schweiger'sUCL home page
List of Martin Schweiger's Publications