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Administrators are:

For further help on admininstration see: Admin tools and Policy

Applying for system operator rights

For becoming system operator, you have to fulfill some criteria:

  • Own the Orbiterwiki server (Lex Roman) or
  • Be all three of the below:
    • Be active member of the international orbiter community and
    • Have contributed at least one major article here (No copy and paste job)
    • Have not been banned here in the last year.

You don't need a special number of edits on OrbiterWiki, unlike Wikipedia, nor is there any election. If you want and you can fulfill the rules, we will consider you. The maximum number of system operators will be limited. When new Administrator jobs are available, it will be announced.

Losing system operator rights

If you abuse your system operator rights for vandalism or personal conflicts, you will loose your rights. Simple as that. Final word on that have the server owners (RaMan and TimWi).

Your system operator rights can also get stripped from you, if you are not active for a long time. If you plan to be away for a longer time (more than a month), you should notify the other administrators that they can't count on you. For security reasons, you will loose all user rights in that time, but will become reinstalled once you returned.