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Spam filter[edit]

Our new spamfilter can be upgraded by admins on OrbiterWiki:SpamBlacklist. Please do so if you observe spam patterns, not covered by the filter. Try to make the rules as general as neccessary, but not too specialized - one line for each spam URL should be avoided, if they occur in patterns.

Vandalism management and vandal categories[edit]

For dealing with Spam and vandalism, OrbiterWiki uses a simple system of vandalism warning levels and bans. This system gets also used for IP numbers, regardless that the vandal might return with a new one. If a special network appears to be home of very active vandals, its OK to rate anonymous troublemakers one level higher in the vandalism scale, than usually.

Lists the user in the Category:listed vandals
Lists the user in the Category:final warning
Lists the user in the Category:temp-ban, after he got banned by an Administrator.
Lists the user in the Category:indefinite bans, after he got banned forever by an Administrator.

Special customers[edit]

Some networks are only existing for the purpose of Spam. When encountering such a pattern, administrators are encouraged to assume that such activity is not the result of a zombie in a Spambot network, but actually the business model of this company.

Factors which are indicating a dedicated Spambot network:

  • Repeated Spambot activity from within a small /8 network (The first three numbers of the IP are equal, but only the final forth number changes).
  • Spambots from same network with final IP component increasing in succession (130, 131, 132, ...)
  • IP range is not assigned to a larger provider, but actually to a dubious company.
  • Other factors (like conceiled origin of the network owner), which speak for a criminal intend.

Networks in this category of vandals are:

  • Category:Spambot from RBNET - RBusiness Network, a company pretending to come from Panama, but using european IP numbers managed by RIPE. Contact email addresses are from inbox.ru. Identified to be part of the Russian Business Network, a major cybercrime organization.
  • Category:Spambot from Telenet Network - Used for a small group of reoccuring Spambot activity, which comes from increasing IPs. Not the whole Telenet (/19) Network is identified as spam source.