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OrbiterWiki administrator since december 2005

Lord of the block list

A/S/L: 33/M/Wolfsburg, germany

Occupation: Full-time software developer for computer-aided engineering solutions.

Orbiter addon developer since summer 2003.

N-Mail: Urwumpe(ät)Yahoo(döt)com

We were, We are, and we will be.

Math formulas

Nodal regression

<math>P</math> Orbit parameter, <math>p=a \cdot (1- \epsilon^2)</math>
<math>u</math> corrected true anomaly, <math>u=\omega + \varphi</math>
<math>R_E</math> mean planetary radius
<math>J_2</math> non spherical gravity term
<math>i</math> inclination
<math>\omega</math> Argument of perigee
<math>\epsilon</math> eccentricity

<math>\frac{d\Omega}{du} = -3\cdot J_{2}\cdot (\frac{R_E}{p})\cdot \sin^2{u} \cdot \cos {i} \cdot [ 1 + \epsilon \cdot \cos{u - \omega}] </math>

Current Orbiter projects

Technical Drawing Gallery

Some technical drawings I made, nothing too fancy.

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