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Ares is a name of a family of STS-derived launch vehicles, currently under development for NASA. The family consists of two different launchers, the Ares I and the Ares V.

Ares I[edit]

The Ares I CLV (Crew launch vehicle) is a heavy launch vehicle design for carrying the CEV into LEO. Its first stage is a five segment SRB, like those used for the Ares V, creating up to 16 MN thrust at liftoff. The second stage is currently under development and will be a cryogen stage with two J-2X engines.

It will be launched from either LC-34, LC-37A, or LC-39 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station/Kennedy Space Center

Ares V[edit]

The Ares V CaLV (Cargo launch vehicle) is a heavy launch vehicle design for launching up to 125 tons into LEO or 45 tons to the moon (not including a docked CEV).

It consists of two and a half stages, two five segment SRBs with a cryogenic sustainer stage and a cryogenic second stage. The sustainer stage uses five expendable RS-68 rocket engines, while the second stage uses a single J-2X. It will most likely launch from a modified LC 39 from KSC.

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