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OrbiterSound is the sound plugin available for Orbiter. The current version is OrbiterSound 4.0.

OrbiterSound 2.5[edit]

OrbiterSound 2.5 was developed by DanSteph to create a complete and fully integrated sound environment for Orbiter, including thrust sound, GPWS, launch countdowns, docking sounds, air conditioning, wind, Sonic booms, ATC, and various other sounds. Tools included were MP3 playing ability, a MFD to tune radio ATC frequency, Sequential_editor.exe to create sequential ATC pack and the OrbiterSoundSDK allowing addon developers to add custom sounds to their projects. It was designed to run in Orbiter 2003.

OrbiterSound 3.0[edit]

OrbiterSound 3.0

OrbiterSound 3.0 was released by DanSteph. It was designed to run in Orbiter 2005, Orbiter 2006, and Orbiter 2006 Patch 1.

OrbiterSound 3.5[edit]

OrbiterSound 3.5

OrbiterSound 3.5 was released on May 13, 2007 by DanSteph. It runs in Orbiter 2006 Patch 1 and in Orbiter 2010. Features in OrbiterSound 3.5 included an MFD sound SDK for developers as well as various other improvements & bug fixes.

OrbiterSound 4.0[edit]

OrbiterSound 4.0

OrbiterSound 4.0 was released on November 20, 2012 by DanSteph. It runs in Orbiter 2010 Patch 1 and is compatible with Orbiter 2010 or higher versions. Features in OrbiterSound 4.0 included a complete and fully integrated sound environment, which includes sounds for thrust, GPWS, launch countdown, docking, air conditioning, wind, ATC, ambience and others. It contains 278 .WAV files in total, as well as the sound SDK in 3.5.


Limitations with OrbiterSound 4.0:

  • Radio MFD of the OrbiterSound 4.0 doesn't work with Orbiter 2016, means you can't change the ATC in 2016.
  • There has some issues with animation sounds of DeltaGlider in Orbiter 2016.

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