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Been an occasional Orbiter pilot since 2005, not great, but I have fun with it. Thought I'd stop by and help with some articles and some cleanup. Other interests include Astronomy, genealogy, Volunteer Firefighter, anything science, The Big Bang Theory, and have written a few Wikipedia articles. I would like to thank Doc Schweiger for creating the most awesome simulator out there. Keep up the good work. Arvil

Things to do:

  • Create/expand celestial body articles
  • Improve MFD and other pages including more screenshots, etc.
  • Help the category organization a bit.
  • Identify spam and vandalism, place them in Category: Articles Nominated for Deletion.
  • Have some more fun flying.
  • Cat: Images - finished Orbit insertion


  • Celestial Bodies 1-4
  • Minor Moons Jupiter Saturn
  • Dwarf Eris V.1.2
  • Pluto and Moons
  • Haumea
  • 1 Ceres
  • 50000 Quaoar
  • 90377 Sedna
  • Uranus minor moons
  • Main Belt Asteroids v1.0
  • Apophis Asteroid
  • Mercury crosser asteroids
  • Asteroid 2008 EA9
  • Neptune minor moons
  • Trojan asteroids v1.01
  • Antiope
  • Asteroid pack 1.00
  • Asteroid Belt v1.0
  • Cruinthe Asteroid 3753
  • Rosetta
  • Dawn
  • 90 Antiope