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Been an occasional Orbiter pilot since 2005, not great, but I have fun with it. Thought I'd stop by and help with some articles and some cleanup. Other interests include Astronomy, genealogy, Volunteer Firefighter, anything science, The Big Bang Theory, and have written a few Wikipedia articles. I would like to thank Doc Schweiger for creating the most awesome simulator out there. Keep up the good work. Arvil

Things to do[edit]

List of Acronyms and Abbreviations, Argument of periapsis.

Other Orbiter links[edit]

Release dates[edit]

Version Date
O2001 3 May 2001
O2002 19 April 2002
O2002-P1 3 March 2003
O2003-P1 5 November 2003
O2003-P2 17 December 2003
O2005 16 February 2005
O2006 4 May 2006
O2006-P1 29 September 2006
O2010 6 June 2010
O2010-P1 30 August 2010
O2016 2 May 2016

Add-on template[edit]

Looks like this Copy this to page:

Project home: [URL here Title here]
Author: developer here
Current version: version here
Compatibility: Compatibility here

Category:List pages, what links here, completed OMP page.

Table {|class="wikitable sortable” style="text-align: center" |- !Add-on!!Version!!Class!!Release Date!!Compatibility

Wikitable code[edit]

Body name here
Name Body name here
Reference body Sun
Number of satellites 0
Planetary mean orbits
Semimajor axis (a) 0×100 km
(0 AU)
Eccentricity (e) 0
Inclination (i) 0. radian
Longitude of the ascending node (LAN, ☊) 0 radian
Longitude of periapsis (ϖ) 0 radian
Mean longitude (L) 0 radian
Rotational Elements
Sidereal Rotation Period 0 seconds
(0 days)
Sidereal Rotation Offset 0
Obliquity 0 radians
Selected physical parameters
Mean radius 0 km
Mass 0×10<su>0 kg
Equatorial gravity 0 m/s2
Escape velocity 0 m/s
Gravity at surface Body name 0%
Sun 0%
Note *Elements given are from ?.cfg file.

Template:SolarSystem categories[edit]

Category pages

Keyboard images[edit]

To create a icon for a keyboard key, type ;{{name of key}}

  • Example: {{Key|Escape}} for Escape
Except the arrow keys, use Left arrow, Right arrow, Up arrow, Down arrow

New videos[edit]

Last video added 09/11/23 Cosmitaur


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