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These Guidelines describe various "rules" with regard to article content, formatting and organisation. Editors are very strongly advised to observe this - otherwise OrbiterWiki will become quite messy. If you think these Guidelines should be changed, please use the talk page of the corresponding section rather than just editing the Guidelines.



In general page titles should be capitalized the way one would find the word in a dictionary. This is not Wikipedia where every page starts with a capital letter. Proper names should be capitalized, but simple word definitions should not be.

OrbiterWiki is currently entirely case sensitive. This means that even the first letter of the page matters! OrbiterWiki:Sandbox and OrbiterWiki:sandbox point at two different locations. Please make sure your links are correct. This will hopefully be changed to completely case-insensitive links, which should make things a lot easier.

Overall content

Anything related to the Orbiter simulator is appropriate; anything not related to it probably isn't.

Please remember that you are not on Wikipedia; think twice before you make something a link!


Please note that the guidelines on addons are still in the making; suggestions are welcome.

Addon page

Each addon has a page about it with the same title as the name of the addon. The addon page should be considered more or less "belonging" to the addon author - so the author should have the final word in decisions as long as they do not go against these guidelines. This doesn't include misspellings and "obvious" layout problems or inconsistencies. Screenshots are very desirable.


Add-ons are currently split by type into the following categories, which should be self-explanatory:

Each add-on must be included into Category:Add-ons and the relevant category listed above. Other requirements depend on add-on type.

Base addons

A base add-on should be included into the [[Category:Add-ons for X]] where X is the name of the celestial body on which the base is located. If that category doesn't exist, it should be created and added to the [[Category:Add-ons by celestial body|CelBody]] where CelBody is the name of the celestial body (that will ensure correct sorting order).

Celestial body add-ons

A celestial body add-on must be included into Category:Celestial body add-ons. It would be nice if you could also create the [[Category:Add-ons for X]] category (X being the name of your add-on) and link the two to each other.

Vessel add-ons

The vessel add-ons may be further subdivided into any categories which seem sensible. The only request is that you please link that category to Category:Vessel add-ons by type.

MFD addons

There are currently no special requirements for MFD add-ons. The add-on page would be a good place to put a tutorial or a manual on how to use your MFD.

Miscellaneous addons

There are currently no special requirements for miscellaneous add-ons. A good example of a miscellaneous add-on is OrbiterSound.


The administrators should remember the OrbiterWiki:Policy and the OrbiterWiki:Admin tools. If an administrator thinks that the current policy is not enough for dealing with everyday problems, he should either:

  • Just edit the policy (if its a new problem or an extension to the policy)
  • Discuss it in OrbiterWiki Talk:Policy (if its a change of an existing policy).

Like for any administration rules, the administrators are recommended to filter them through their own brain and apply them as it seems fitting to the current situation. The last word on the policy is on RaMan, as he pays the bill for OrbiterWiki.