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Speak of the Dead[edit]

When at least one member of the VSA says, that it is still active and somebody is also capable of answering questions about the VSA (even if it might take a week), this VSA is active. I know that this might produce many VSAs that only exist in the mind of a single person, but if even the active examples are mostly single person VSAs, that at least fly every other month, I don't understand the definition of inactivity. If you feel the need to prove that you are different, do that in Orbiter.

Maybe split the table into "open" and "closed" VSAs, if the need ever arises, but with that small number of VSAs documented, this structure should do it. Maybe I can find out how to do these nice tables that permit sorting data by columns, then a single list for all still existing VSAs and those who are really dead is really good enough.

Managed to include sorted tables in the article. Now please also don't complain about people not sorting their entries alphabetically.

Abandoned VSAs should be handled with the same care as human individuals: Until you have found the corpse, they have to be considered missing, not dead. And even if they are abandoned, keep some respect for them. I know it is easier sometimes to just point the finger at them and laugh about the failed attempts to establish a VSA. But behind the name are humans, too.

If you can write more than 10 lines about a VSA, I see no problem also having a category for articles about individual VSAs here, this is Orbiter-related enough. And I mean 10 lines of text, not 10 lines of empty headings and stubs. --Urwumpe 18:16, 26 November 2011 (UTC)


What about PVSA - Polish Virtual Space Agency? Can I add it to the list? See 23:25, 3 November 2012 (UTC)

Uh-oh (maybe)...[edit]

Sorry, Is this in relation to the change I made on the community links page? I only took down the banner for the Polish one because the link was broken. I did archive that portion of the page for future use if a link is found.

Not really sure, but the link above looks like it coould be Orbiter, so Ill put the old banner up with the new link.

The Old PVSA is not working now, but the New PVSA (link above) is now working. Sorry, but the link is cerrently not working. The PVSA admin will repair it, but at present link is not working. 12:04, 10 November 2012 (UTC)

Sorry for my bad English, but I'm Polish.