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A Virtual Space Agency (VSA for short) is an agency set up to fly missions in Orbiter, often cooperative between multiple members.

Classification of VSAs[edit]


Closed VSAs are not accepting new members by any application mechanism. They can be just a single person VSA, but this is not always the case.

Open VSAs are projects accepting new members. although some VSAs are permanently open, many often stage recruiting drives on the Orbiter Forums for new members.

Activity states[edit]

Active VSAs are currently in the process of flying or planning missions. Since planning a complex mission can take a few many weeks, this is not inactivity. Active VSAs can also have a few months of inactivity because of the evil real life, without really being an inactive VSA in the sense of no activity being planned.

Inactive VSAs are VSAs that have no activity scheduled at all. They are simply dead, or just pausing for indefinite time. In the most extreme case, they are completely abandoned, having not even somebody answering the emails for them.

Abandoned VSA can also appear, when two VSAs join under a new name or the concept of an old VSA being buried and a completely new program with new character is started under a new name.

Active VSAs[edit]

Name Abbreviation Founder Type Number of members Homepage Description
Anshar Orbital Industries AOI Kaito Unknown Unknown AOI
British Institute of Space Research BISR R.Watson Open 2(Open For Application) _Site under development_ Please contact R.Watson at for further information. (We are currently open to applications.)
International Space Agency ISA garyw Closed 1 ISA Does not accept other members because the benevolent dictator of the VSA has no resources for managing them. Despite this it is one of the most active VSAs, as of November 2011.
Soviet Space Agency SSA Scruce Closed 1 n/a SSA uses the Orbiter-Forum blogs, but will soon have a website.

SSA is a closed VSA that has been running since the 15th of November 2011. Its aim is to simulate Soviet and Russian spaceflight during the dawn of the Space Race and beyond, up to the Moon and eventual Mars landings.

Aeronautics and Space Technologies/The Orbital Initiative Program AST/OIP mojoey Closed 1 n/a The OIP/AST is a VSA that simulates efforts to establish a manned colony on Mars. Currently planning first lunar mission
Union Space Command USC Eli13 Unknown 4 Union Space Command
High Apoapsis Space Station Experimental Space Agency HASSESA Samuel Edwards Closed 1 n/a HASSESA specializes in space station research, space station construction and Sattelite production/launches. The founder has stated on multiple occasions that his goal is "To expand man's boundaries" and to go "To the moon and beyond!"
Space Universal VSA SU-VSA HAL9001 Unknown 2 SUVSA Status not known - no update since 14th September 2011
Phantom Manufacturing Phantom MFG PhantomCruiser Closed 1 n/a Conceived initially for construction of a moon base, then delved into other projects based on coolness factor over practicality. This is primarily possible due to the deep pockets and networking ability of the VSA leadership. Currently headquartered at CSCC, with satellite offices at Wideawake, SRC Polygon, Canaveral and Matagorda Island.

Abandoned VSAs[edit]

Name Abbreviation Founder Type Number of members Homepage Description
Ascension Space Agency ASA Kevin580 Unknown Unknown n/a
High Altitude Space Agency HASA IronRain Unknown Unknown n/a
International Space Colonization and Exploration group ISCEG mojoey Unknown Unknown n/a failed due to lack of interest
Virtual Online Spaceflight Simulation Agency VOSSA EricEvan Unknown >5 VOSSA EricEvan has indicated his desire to start up a new VSA [1]
Unknown VASO fireballs619 Unknown Unknown n/a
World Space Agency WSA Scruce Closed 1 n/a

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