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How to react on vandalism?[edit]

How do we want to deal with vandalism? i applied a one week block for now, but i think that we should have a permanent block of Spambots (you can notice such bots by coming from multiple IPs, but write absolutly the same content).

IPs of users, which just vandalize the first time, should get a one week ban, i think thats long enough. The second time, one month or permanent, etc.

I just write this here for getting a transparent and common way of dealing with vandalism. We will one day also get soft vandalism (like damaging the pages of rivalling tutorials or addons), i think letting the people cool down for a while will be smarter than just permamently banning them. Urwumpe 19:58, 20 January 2006 (MSK)

Reacting to vandalism[edit]

I don't see any point in banning users for a week if what they've done is replace a page with a bunch of links or other rubbish. They are _not_ _ever_ going to contribute anything useful to our wiki, so what's the point in giving them a second chance? Anyone disagrees with my statement? It's enough of a pain they exist, let alone counting how many times they've vandalised.

I mean, I can see why Wikipedia is milder - there is some tiny chance the person might do something beneficial. But I doubt this applies to OrbiterWiki.

As for soft vandalism, I agree that a short ban is the right thing to do, possibly even only a few days.

RaMan 21:06, 20 January 2006 (MSK)