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OrbiterWiki Rules
This page is intended for people who edit pages. If you don't (although we warmly welcome you to) then you may ignore this page.

Although this page is titled "rules", the following are only strong recommendations. Strict rules are, of course, impossible to enforce on a wiki, and besides, OrbiterWiki may need to go beyond these rules in various situations as agreed to by the community.

General rules

  1. Please read and observe the Guidelines (and consult them if you're unsure!)
  2. Log in before you edit a page
  3. Remember that you are not on Wikipedia - think twice before making some word a link
  4. The focus of this wiki is Orbiter and spaceflight. Content not directly related to these two topics will get deleted.


Obvious netiquette rules (or, rather, reminders):

  1. Respect other people's opinions even if you disagree.
  2. No personal attacks. Please behave civilly. It is also not appreciated to create user accounts which have the intent to attack users.
  3. No pornography, no strong words, no gore. This wiki is open to all ages. That also applies to the name of user accounts.
  4. Don't impersonate living people. Some of them might not be happy with your representation of them. Obvious fake accounts will get permanently banned.

Multiple accounts

  1. Multiple accounts are discouraged.
  2. If you use sock-puppet accounts to bypass active bans, you will get permanently banned, as well as all located sock puppets.
  3. Proxy servers are practically allowed, as we usually don't bother, but we reserve us the right to block them for fighting vandalism. Yes, this means you can't rely on them.