International Space Station

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International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) is a multinational scientific orbital platform currently under construction (currently scheduled for operations into the year 2020). Orbiter contains the ISS in its completed state. The ISS is a good docking target for Shuttle and other spacecraft missions.

The ISS is included in one of the proposed finished configurations in the basic distribution of Orbiter. Many modules shown will never get launched or had been redesigned in the wake of STS-107. It's docking port shapes are all fictional and fitting for Delta-glider and Shuttle-A.

Orbiter data[edit]

In Orbiter, the ISS can be tracked with its transponder (XPDR) signal, which by default is set to frequency 131.30.

The ISS contains 5 docking ports. In Orbiter, each is equipped with an IDS transmitter. The default IDS frequencies are:

  • Port 1 137.40
  • Port 2 137.30
  • Port 3 137.20
  • Port 4 137.10
  • Port 5 137.00

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