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Role Low gravity/low pressure cargo hauler
Full name Shuttle-A
Crew 2
Passengers none
First flight date unknown
Entered service date unknown
Manufacturer unknown
Length 35.0 m
Height 6.98 m
Wingspan 15.4 m
Wing area
Empty 22,000 kg
Fuel 16,000 kg
RCS fuel 700 kg
Max. take-off 38,700 kg
Inertia PMI 86.6/89.8/5.5 m2
Max. delta-v 16.4 km/s
Max. accel 23.0 m/s2
Stall CL
Stall AOA

The Shuttle-A is a cargo vessel designed for a low gravity/low pressure operational environment. Its primary area of deployment is for transport duty between LEO, the Moon, Mars, and potentially moons in the outer solar system. In its current configuration it is also capable of achieving orbit from Earth's surface, but this requires a precise ascent profile. Due to its design it is not aerodynamic nor does it provide any lift such as other spacecraft such as the Delta-glider. This means maneuvers in atmosphere are very difficult.

The engine layout consists of a set of two main engines, two hover engines, and two engines in central side pods which can be rotated for hover or retro duty. There are two different propellant systems for main and RCS engines.

The Shuttle-A contains a docking port and airlock below the habitat module which is protected by a hatch during atmospheric flight.