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Delta-glider in atmosphere
Role Glider
Full name Delta-glider
Crew 1
Passengers 4
First flight date unknown
Entered service date unknown
Manufacturer unknown
Length 17.76 m
Height 4.93 m
Wingspan 17.86 m
Wing area 160 m2
Empty 12,000 kg
Fuel 14,400 kg
RCS fuel 600 kg
Max. take-off 27,000 kg
Inertia PMI 15.5 / 22.1 / 7.7 m2
Max. delta-v 31.5 km/s
Max. accel 20 m/s2
Stall CL 1.0
Stall AOA 20°

The Delta-glider is the ideal ship for the novice pilot to get spaceborne. Its futuristic design concept, high thrust and extremely low fuel consumption make it easy to achieve orbit, and it can even be used for interplanetary travel. The winged design provides aircraft-like handling in the lower atmosphere, while the vertically mounted hover-thrusters allow vertical takeoffs and landings independent of atmospheric conditions and runways.

Despite accomodating a maximum of 5 crew, including the pilot, the Delta-glider features a relatively simplistic cockpit layout and is intended to be piloted by just one. This makes it a very versatile craft for multiple missions, and increases its viability as a passenger shuttle.

It comes with the stock Orbiter install, in which it is named using the conventions of DG-## and GL-##.

The scramjet variant, Deltaglider-S, splits its main fuel tank into 10,400kg for the main drives and 4,000kg for the scramjets. Their effective operating range is Mach 3-8.

Related spacecraft add-ons[edit]

As the most well known spacecraft in Orbiter, flown on almost every Orbiter users first flight, the Delta Glider has spawned many similar vessels based on the original mesh & design concept. Examples include: