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The World of 2001 is a project to create the spacecraft and spaceports from the movie "2001" and the related novels by Arthur C. Clarke as addons for orbiter. While not all spacecraft or spaceports are mentioned in the movie or a novel, they can be considered logical extensions of the canon spacecraft.

The project is currently maintained by Erik "Sputnik" Anderson, Alain "80MilesHigh" Hosking and Wolfgang "Nautilus" Schwarz. The latest version is 3.1.


Changes since 3.0

  • Soviet space-to-space craft added – Gagarin moon lander, Komarov inner-system transport, Patsayev tanker, Dobrovolsky engine testbed, Bondarenko self-deploying space station, Merkur experimental-engine testbed, Skorpion patrol corvette.
  • Herculis cargo transport and Draco patrol corvette added.
  • Space Station Four and Three added. Station V Early and Complete added. Docking to the centerline port of Stations Four and Five will now cause traffic control to shift you to a side port, freeing up the centerline port for use. Press undock to go back to the centerline port for departure.
  • Upper stages (Centaur-O and Titov G) added.
  • Orion II/III and Titov autopilot reworked for better flight-path-angle management and a bit more turning ability. Also, throttling issue fixed; no non-intuitive dashing off at max power now.
  • Many satellites and payloads added. Landing module added that permits a re-entry and soft landing for ballistically launched Mars cargoes. So that's how the Mars bases were built!
  • Attach point handling added – craft can grapple satellites and cargo, making it possible to trans-ship from Earth launch to a deep-space craft to its final destination. Now the Taurus has something to do!
  • M-53 Soviet SST added.
  • New bases: Aberporth, Brest, Cuxhaven, Hainan. All the major space powers can launch their nuclear weapons into orbit now.
  • MANY scenarios added!


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