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The Xichang Satellite Launch Center (XSLC, also known as Base 27), is a People’s Republic of China space vehicle launch facility. The Xichang/Qingshan Airport is located approximately at 64km from the base.


Launch pads[edit]

  • Launch Area 1: Unbuilt launch site, later used as a viewing area.
  • LC-1 (Launch Area 3): Long March 2C, Long March 3 and Long March 3A launch complex. Demolished and rebuilt between 2005 and 2006. Upgraded in order to support the Chang'e lunar exploration program.
  • LC-2 (Launch Area 2): Long March 2E, Long March 3A, Long March 3B, and Long March 3C launch complex.

Technical Center[edit]

XSLC’s Technical Center is equipped for testing and integration of the payload and launch vehicle. Its Mission Command and Control Center is located 7 km southwest of the launch pad and provides flight and safety control during overall system rehearsal and launch. It is serviced by a dedicated railway and highway directly from Xichang Qingshan Airport, which is 50 kilometers away from the launch site. Two launch complexes at the facility support flight operations.

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