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XR3 Phoenix project logo

Developers: Loru (mesh), Doug Beachy (coding)

Development Thread: http://www.orbiter-forum.com/showthread.php?t=28141

XR3 Phoenix


After the final release of the XR2 Ravenstar by Altea Aerospace, development of other spaceplanes under the famed XR family name came to a halt, leaving the XR1 Deltaglider, XR2 Ravenstar, and XR5 Vanguard. The gap left in development began to be filled as Loru began to develop the basic layout of the XR3 Phoenix, with the permission of Doug Beachy. As of March 30, 2013, the development was coming along at a rapid pace, and many of the finer details such as windows, RCS ports, radiators, and other "eye candy" parts were incorporated fully.

XR2, XR3, and XR5 on the runway, showing size difference


Powered by the characteristic rocket/SCRAMjet pairing used by all Altea Aerospace aircraft, and featuring their classic twin vertical stabilizers, the Phoenix looks like an overgrown Ravenstar. However, several details are very different:

-Radiators deploy from the vertical stabilizers, hinging outboard and down to expose the radiator surfaces. -Double wide payload bay, capable of carrying up to 12 XR2 cargo containers, or a single space station module of up to 3.6 meters in diameter, and 10 meters long.

-Cargo bay located docking port.

XR3 Phoenix payload bay

-Four wheeled main gear bogies.

-Ladder entrance into the cabin via the nose gear bay.

-Aerospike hover engines.

-Four main engine bells.


-The XR3 will have a fully interactive 3D virtual cockpit, the first of the XR fleet to have this implemented.

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