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Laden Vulcan climbs out from Manston
Vulcan touches down at Sydney Shuttle Landing Facility
Vulcan piggybacks a DG thanks to CVE-lite

Project home: Vulcan download from the CCCP Fleet site
Author: David 'dh219' Henderson
Current version: Unknown
Compatibility: Unknown

The Avro Vulcan was one third of Britain's heavy V-force of nuclear bombers. Whilst not obviously suitable for space purposes due to the single central fin, if the user can suspend their disbelief, this model, using the full weight of the Orbiter aerodynamic interface, will show what a capable bird this really was.


Capable of Mach 0.98 at 60,000 feet and with a wing loading so low it can lift off with over 25 tonnes from a normal runway, and considerably more from a Shuttle Landing Facility.

The default package includes a DG launching scenario. Why not drag an empty DG to 30,000', then drop her off in a gentle dive for glide home? Program the included Tomahawk missles and launch at a distant base. Or simply fly the beast around and see how she outmanoevres fighter aircraft at 50,000'.


  • Fully CVE-lite compatible meaning payloads are endlessly configurable.
  • Altitude target autopilot.
  • Wing leveller.
  • Auto throttle.
  • Engine exhaust and contrails.
  • Extensively tested aerodynamic model.
  • Air-breathing engines.