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The CCCP Fleet collectively refers to the works published on Dave Rowbotham's ProjectGanymede SourceForge website. These were initially all C++ rewrites of Dealer McDope's Soviet-era add-ons, but migrated to their own meshes and onto other projects.

CVE-Lite forms the basis for most of the group's recent work, although a mostly self-imposed hiatus resulting from conflicts with the moderators of the M6 forums have seen little production in recent months whilst the developers concentrate on other projects.

Major releases[edit]


The core developers for the CCCP Fleet are/have been:

  • Erik Andersen
  • John Bowles
  • David Henderson
  • Dennis 'Urwumpe' Krenz
  • Ervins Reinverts'
  • Dave Rowbotham
  • Russell Smith
  • Simonpro
  • Toni Ylisirniƶ