Vandenberg Air Force Base

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Vandenberg Air Force Base is an American spaceport located in California, on the Pacific coast. Because of its location it is used for launches into polar orbit; as well as missile tests over the Pacific ocean.

There are several excellent Addons modeling the base.

A history is available at Wikipedia [1]

Pads and runways[edit]

  • Runway 12/30: 4572x61m, concrete, lights, ILS
  • Frequencies:
    • ILS: 110.1 MHz
    • APP: 112.25 MHz
    • ATIS: 133.125 MHz
    • GND: 121.75 MHz
    • TWR: 124.95 MHz

  • Active launch pads:
    • Launch Complex 576-E
    • Space Launch Complex 8 (SLC 8), used for commercial Minotaur launches. It is known as the "California Spaceport"
    • Space Launch Complex 6 (SLC 6), used for Delta IV
    • Space Launch Complex 3-East (SLC 3E), used for Atlas V
    • Space Launch Complex 2W (SLC 2W), used for Delta II

Charts and diagrams[edit]

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