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Which acronyms should be inserted into this list?[edit]

I have a nice and long list of acronyms from the ISS project, which is very nice for spaceflight interested, but most stuff does not appear in orbiter. If it still fits into the list, i would gladly add the stuff to the wiki.

--Urwumpe 28 July 2005 22:40 (MSD)

Hey Ur, I think you should use your judgement when it comes to adding things to the general list. The way I wrote the list initially is I went throught the orbiter manual page by page and looked for all the acronyms and posted them to the list, so this list is definitely biased towards Orbiter. What I would do is make a seperate page like List of Acronyms and Abbreviations Used on the ISS and post it there, but I'm sure there will be some crossover and I'll leave it up to you what you think should be on this main list. I wan't this list to be comprehensive, but not exhaustively so, i.e., I didn't post all the abbreviation names of VORs. Additionally you should post a link to the seperate page from this main page, probablly at the top. GIR 29 July 2005 01:09 (MSD)

Well, i think its also OK to add common forum buzzwords like KISS to the main list, its not really related to orbiter alone, but as this page is the main acronym list, they make more sense here, than on a special forum acronym page. --Urwumpe 9 August 2005 22:49 (MSD)

Can we insert the acronym TLA in here? I just had to go look that up...

Space Shuttle Acronyms[edit]

How do we want to treat space shuttle acronyms? Do we want to create a category like "spaceflight reference" (which might make sense for addon developers) or collect them and explain them together with the space shuttle addon(s), like saying "ShuttleAtlantis:ET"?

--Urwumpe 28 July 2005 22:40 (MSD)

additions and links[edit]

I have added links to wikipedia from several acronyms, such as ISS and MFD as sort of a stop gap; they had no reference before. I think we need a top level catagory glossary created for those terms whitch have a special meaning in Orbiter, such as Config file, mesh and texture.Ozone 12:18, 22 January 2006 (MSK)

I would prefer to have at least a bit of own text on the articles you create or directly replacing the link in the acronym list with a link to wikipedia. Like it is now, it looks very disappointing for me, more like: "We need a high number of articles, we don't care about the content". Which is at least wrong for me, i care about the content we have.
Also i would to be careful with articles, which have a direct relation to orbiter, eg HUD or LDEF. I would like them to point to the articles about the orbiter entity first and have wikipedia articles only for the links part of the article.
Urwumpe 14:45, 22 January 2006 (MSK)