Space Transportation System 2016

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Project home: Orbiter-Forum thread
Author: John Gattis (gattispilot)
Current version: Unknown
Compatibility: Orbiter 2016

Space Transportation System 2016 is a collection of the whole STS orbiter fleet by John Gattis aka gattispilot. It is basically a reverse engineering of the Shuttle Fleet.


Jeremy Hicks (Jeremyxxx) wants to recompile the Shuttle Fleet with Orbiter 2016.[1] Sadly, it is impossible because the code of the Shuttle Fleet is not available. John Gattis (gattispilot) said that he would develop his own version of the Shuttle Fleet with new codings, which requires Multistage2015.[2][3]

Expansion Pack[edit]

Gargantua2024 made an expansion pack of all Shuttle missions from STS-1 to STS-119.[4][5][6][7]

The ships of the fleet[edit]

See Shuttle Fleet#The ships of the fleet.

Flying the shuttle[edit]

See Shuttle Fleet#Flying the shuttle. However, AutoFCS does not work with this add-on.


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