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General rocket engines[edit]

  • PWR Engineering Threshold Journal - "Turbopumps for Liquid Rocket Engines" [1] Very detailed explanation of rocket engine turbo pumps and their complexity.


  • Description of the Common Berthing Mechanism [2]
  • Mars Center [3] Homepage with lots of 1:100 paperscale models of ISS, space shuttle and Soyuz.
  • Space Station User's Guide [4] Detailed info about the computer displays, systems and procedures.


  • Suzy's Russian Space Site[5] Lots of information on Baikonur and the Soyoz and Proton programs. A wealth of info on the Russian space program in general!
  • Samara Space Center [6] The manufacturer of the Soyuz launch vehicle and its various upper stages.
  • Sven's Space Place [7] The IGLA radio system for rendez-vous and docking

Space Shuttle, STS[edit]

  • NASA drawings of the Space Shuttle [8] detailed plans in PDF format
  • NASA Shuttle Flight Data Files [9]
  • Scaled Drawings of the Space Shuttle[10] 1:200 scale drawings
  • Clip Art from NASA[11] Images of the Shuttle (and most of the other craft flown at Edwards from the 1940's to present)
  • Historic SpaceSystems[12] detailed drawings with dimensions of the Shuttle.
  • Data Processing System Dictionary [13] Contains detailed descriptions of the CRT displays shown in the shuttle.

Collections, Miscellaneous[edit]

  • Space Launch Vehicles [14]detailed information and specs about launchers, space centers, rocket engines, etc. Essential performance data about the various rocket engines used from all the countries in the world.
  • Capcom Espace [15] detailed description of the various world space programs, with detailed diagrams and high resolution photos (in French).
  • NASA Dryden Graphics[16] Hundred of drawings of various aircraft flown at Dryden Test Center (Edwards).
  • Ninfinger Productions[17] Mailing list archive with lots of drawings and photographs about spaceflight.
  • The Blueprint Collection[18] A collection of drawings of aircraft and other vehicles.
  • Simviation [19] A link page for three view drawings of historic aircraft.
  • Dimensions of the Human Figure[20] Useful for the designer of cockpits and spacecraft.
  • Vessel Aerodynamics A brief description of how aerodynamics are modelled in Orbiter.
  • ISS Acronyms and Abbreviations Specific to the International Space Station.
  • Russian glossary of important words from Russian spaceflight.
  • Atomic Rockets [21] Resource for SF writers; good info for anyone interested in rocket engines; great SciFi pictures!
  • Roskosmos [22] The Russian federal space agency.
  • MARS center - paper scale models [23] High quality paper scale models of ISS and related space hardware.
  • Simple Hohmann Calculator [24] Calculate Hohmann transfers between Orbits on various bodies.