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Edwards Air Force Base is located in southern California. It is the primary flight test facility for the United States Air Force. Because of the climate and the long runways on the dry lake it has been used as a landing site for several Space Shuttle missions. Edwards Main Base includes the Dryden Flight Research Center at its north end and is directly connected to the South Base.

Runways and Frequencies[edit]

There are three lighted, paved runways:

  • 04R/22L, 4579x91m, Concrete, with 2922m of lakebed runway extending it to the north, ILS 116.4
  • 04L/22R, 3700×61m, Concrete
  • 06/24, 2400x15m, Concrete, with 3100×64m of lakebed runway extending it to the east. (part of the South Base)

4R and 4L have visual cues for the Space Shuttle to use on its approach.

There are 13 other official runways on the Rogers dry lakebed.

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