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Project Baikonur is a community effort for creating the biggest spaceport of the world as addon for orbiter.

Project news

  • surface tiles selected, 80mileshigh new developer
  • Project forum added
  • thisisentchris87 assigned to site 23 development.

Active developers

Project forum

Project map

The center coordinate of the launch complex is 45.92N 63.33E.

Work packages

Surface tiles

Satellite map of baikonur

Assigned to: 80mileshigh

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Make use of landsat coverage to create surface tiles which can be used for the base. Tutorials for that task in conjunction with NASA Worldwind are available on orbithangar.

Site 1 (vostok/soyuz launch complex)

Assigned to: mustard

Creation of the meshes for the initial soyuz launch complex and the related service structures.

Site 2 (Soyuz assembly building)

Assigned to: nobody

Site 23 (Saturn tracking station, IP-5)

Assigned to: thisisentchris87

Site 45 (Zenit launch complex)

Assigned to: GW_Simulations

Site 81 (proton launch complex)

Overview of the proton pad in Anim8or
Close up of the holddown/umbilical arms

Assigned to: Urwumpe

Planned details:

  • Detailled and moving holddown arms.
  • Animated service tower
  • Flame duct particle streams

Common Objects

Assigned to: Zachstar