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Hello, I am GW_Simulations - a user and admin of OrbiterWiki.

About Me[edit]

I am interested in aircraft, space flight, and not much else. My website URL is, and this is devoted to Orbiter and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, with some addons, for example aircraft and spacecraft, which I am making for these.

I am the Supreme Commander of the United Federation of Minor Planets, which is part of the Orbiter Solar Nations project.

I do not give out biographical information.


Click Here. I will add a list here at a later date.

Orbiter Addons[edit]

Here are some of my Orbiter projects, for a complete list, see my website.

Currently Released[edit]

  • NONE currently

In Development[edit]

  • I am building various ships and facillities for the UFMP, my part of the Orbiter Solar Nations project.
  • I have just finished the Space-X Falcon 1, which I will release shortly.
  • I am also working on the Space-X Falcon 5, and Falcon 9.
  • Baikonur Area 45 (Zenit launch pad)