List of surface features on Mercury

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Mercury is modeled in Orbiter 2016 as a sphere, but, as one approaches the planet, many geological features are visualized. Features include Albedo, Craters, Dorsa (ridges), Montes (mountains), Planitiae (plains), Rupes (cliffs), and Valles (valleys). Each class of features can be turned on or off during a scenario by calling 'Display' in the main menu in the Planetarium tab, Surface markers, then selecting the desired labels in the Config page.

List of geological features on Mercury in Orbiter
Feature name Feature type Longitude Latitude
Abu Nuwas Crater 20°36'W 17°36'N
Adventure Rupes Rupes 65°30'W 65°6'S
Africanus Horton Crater 41°12'W 51°30'S
Ahmad Baba Crater 126°48'W 58°30'N
Al-Akhtal Crater 97°W 59°12'N
Al-Hamadhani Crater 89°42'W 38°48'N
AlJāhiz Crater 21°30'W 1°12'N
Alencar Crater 103°30'W 63°30'S
Amru Al-Qays Crater 175°36'W 12°30'N
Andal Crater 37°42'W 47°42'S
Antoniadi Dorsum Dorsa 30°30'W 25°6'N
Apollonia Albedo 45°E 45°N
Arecibo Vallis Valles 28°24'W 27°30'S
Aristoxenus Crater 11°24'W 82°0'N
Astrolabe Rupes Rupes 70°42'W 42°36'S
Aśvaghosa Crater 21°0'W 10°40'N
Aurora Albedo 90°W 45°N
Australia Albedo 72°30'S
Bach Crater 103°24'W 68°30'S
Balagtas Crater 13°42'W 22°36'S
Balzac Crater 144°6'W 10°18'N
Barma Crater 162°48'W 41°18'S
Bartók Crater 134°36'W 29°36'S
Bashō Crater 169°42'W 32°42'S
Beethoven Crater 123°36'W 20°48'S
Belinskij Crater 103°36'W 76°0'S
Bello Crater 120°0'W 18°54'S
Bernini Crater 136°30'W 79°12'S
Bjornson Crater 109°12'W 73°6'N
Boccaccio Crater 29°12'W 80°42'S
Boethius Crater 73°18'W 0°54'S
Borea Albedo 75°N
Borealis Planitia Planitiae 79°30'W 73°24'N
Botticelli Crater 109°36'W 63°42'N
Brahms Crater 176°12'W 58°30'N
Bramante Crater 61°48'W 47°30'S
Brontë Crater 125°54'W 38°42'N
Bruegel Crater 107°30'W 49°48'N
Brunelleschi Crater 22°12'W 9°6'S
Budh Planitia Planitiae 150°54'W 22°0'N
Burns Crater 115°42'W 54°24'N
Byron Crater 32°42'W 8°30'S
Caduceata Albedo 135°W 45°N
Callicrates Crater 32°36'W 66°18'S
Caloris Montes Montes 172°48'E 39°24'N
Caloris Planitia Planitiae 170°12'E 30°30'N
Camões Crater 69°24'W 70°36'S
Carducci Crater 89°54'W 36°36'S
Cervantes Crater 122°0'W 74°36'S
Cézanne Crater 123°36'W 8°30'S
Chaikovskij Crater 50°24'W 7°24'N
Chao Meng-Fu Crater 134°12'W 87°18'S
Chekhov Crater 61°30'W 36°12'S
Chiang K'ui Crater 102°18'W 13°48'N
Chŏng Ch'ŏl Crater 116°12'W 46°24'N
Chopin Crater 123°54'W 65°6'S
Chu Ta Crater 105°6'W 2°12'N
Coleridge Crater 66°42'W 55°54'S
Copley Crater 85°12'W 38°24'S
Couperin Crater 151°24'W 29°48'N
Cyllene Albedo 90°E 40°S
Darío Crater 10°0'W 26°30'S
Degas Crater 126°36'W 37°24'N
Delacroix Crater 129°0'W 44°42'S
Derzhavin Crater 35°42'W 44°54'N
Despréz Crater 90°42'W 80°48'N
Dickens Crater 153°18'W 72°54'S
Discovery Rupes Rupes 38°18'W 56°18'S
Donne Crater 13°48'W 2°48'N
Dostoevskij Crater 176°24'W 45°6'S
Dowland Crater 179°30'W 53°30'S
Dürer Crater 119°0'W 21°54'N
Dvorák Crater 11°54'W 9°36'S
Echegaray Crater 19°12'W 42°42'N
Eitoku Crater 156°54'W 22°6'S
Endeavour Rupes Rupes 31°18'W 37°30'N
Equiano Crater 30°42'W 40°12'S
Fet Crater 179°6'W 4°54'S
Flaubert Crater 72°12'W 13°42'S
Fram Rupes Rupes 93°18'W 56°54'S
Futabataei Crater 83°0'W 16°12'S
Gainsborough Crater 176°42'E 36°6'S
Gauguin Crater 96°18'W 66°18'N
Ghiberti Crater 80°12'W 48°24'S
Giotto Crater 55°48'W 12°0'N
Gjöa Rupes Rupes 159°18'W 66°42'S
Gluck Crater 18°6'W 37°18'N
Goethe Crater 44°30'W 78°30'N
Gogol Crater 146°24'W 28°6'S
Goldstone Vallis Valles 31°42'w 15°48's
Goya Crater 152°0'W 7°12'S
Grieg Crater 14°0'W 51°6'N
Guido d'Arezzo Crater 18°18'W 38°42'S
Hals Crater 115°0'W 54°48'S
Han Kan Crater 143°48'W 71°36'S
Handel Crater 33°48'W 3°24'N
Harunobu Crater 140°42'W 15°0'N
Hauptmann Crater 179°54'W 23°42'S
Hawthorne Crater 115°6'W 51°18'S
Haydn Crater 71°36'W 27°18'S
Haystack Vallis Valles 46°12'W 4°42'N
Heemskerck Rupes Rupes 125°18'W 25°54'N
Heine Crater 124°6'W 32°36'N
Heliocaminus Albedo 170°W 40°N
Hero Rupes Rupes 171°24'W 58°24'S
Hesiod Crater 35°0'W 58°30'S
Hesperis Albedo 5°E 45°S
Hiroshige Crater 26°42'W 13°24'S
Hitomaro Crater 15°48'W 16°12'S
Holbein Crater 28°54'W 35°36'N
Holberg Crater 61°6'W 67°0'S
Homer Crater 36°12'W 1°12'S
Horace Crater 52°0'W 68°54'S
Hugo Crater 47°0'W 38°54'N
Hun Kal Crater 20°0'W 0°30'S
Ibsen Crater 35°36'W 24°6'S
Ictinus Crater 165°12'W 79°6'S
Imhotep Crater 37°18'W 18°6'S
Ives Crater 111°24'W 32°54'S
Janáček Crater 153°48'W 56°0'N
Jókai Crater 135°18'W 72°24'N
Judah Ha-Levi Crater 107°42'W 10°54'N
Kālidāsā Crater 179°12'W 18°6'S
Keats Crater 154°30'W 69°54'S
Kenkō Crater 16°6'W 21°30'S
Khansa Crater 51°54'W 59°42'S
Kōshō 1Crater 38°12'W 60°6'N
Kuan Han-Ch'ing Crater 52°24'W 29°24'N
Kuiper Crater 31°6'W 29°24'N
Kurosawa Crater 21°48'W 53°24'S
Leopardi Crater 179°54'E 73°0'S
Lermontov Crater 48°6'W 15°12'N
Lessing Crater 89°42'W 28°42'S
Li Ch'ing-Chao Crater 73°6'W 77°6'S
Li Po Crater 35°0'W 16°54'N
Liang K'ai Crater 177°12'E 40°18'S
Liguria Albedo 135°E 45°N
Liszt Crater 168°6'W 16°6'S
Lu Hsun Crater 23°24'W 0°0'N
Lysippus Crater 132°30'W 0°48'N
Ma Chih-Yuan Crater 78°0'W 60°24'S
Machaut Crater 82°6'W 1°54'S
Mahler Crater 18°42'W 20°0'S
Mansur Crater 162°36'W 47°48'N
March Crater 175°30'W 31°6'N
Mark Twain Crater 137°54'W 11°12'S
Martí Crater 164°36'W 75°36'S
Martial Crater 177°6'W 69°6'N
Matisse Crater 89°48'W 24°0'S
Melville Crater 10°6'W 21°30'N
Mena Crater 124°24'W 0°12'S
Mendes Pinto Crater 17°48'W 61°18'S
Michelangelo Crater 109°6'W 45°0'S
Mickiewicz Crater 103°6'W 23°36'N
Milton Crater 174°48'W 26°12'S
Mirni Rupes Rupes 39°54'W 37°18'S
Mistral Crater 54°0'W 4°30'N
Mofolo Crater 28°12'W 37°42'S
Molière Crater 16°6'W 15°36'N
Monet Crater 10°18'W 44°24'N
Monteverdi Crater 77°18'W 63°48'N
Mozart Crater 169°30'E 8°0'N
Murasaki Crater 30°12'W 12°36'S
Mussorgaskij Crater 96°30'W 32°48'N
Myron Crater 79°18'W 70°54'N
Nampeyo Crater 50°6'W 40°36'S
Nervo Crater 179°0'W 43°0'N
Neumann Crater 34°30'W 37°18'S
Nizāmī Crater 165°0'W 71°30'N
Odin Planitia Planitiae 171°36'W 23°18'N
Ōkyo Crater 75°48'W 69°6'S
Ovid Crater 22°30'W 69°30'S
Pentas Albedo 50°E 5°N
Petrarch Crater 26°12'W 30°36'S
Phaethontias Albedo 167°W
Phidias Crater 149°18'W 8°42'N
Philoxenus Crater 111°30'W 8°42'S
Pieria Albedo 90°E
Pigalle Crater 9°30'W 38°30'S
Pleias Gallia Albedo 130°W 25°N
Po Chü-I Crater 165°6'W 7°12'S
Po Ya Crater 20­°12'W 46°12'S
Polygnotus Crater 68°24'W 0°18'S
Pourquoi-Pas Rupes Rupes 156°0'W 58°6'S
Praxiteles Crater 59°12'W 27°18'N
Proust Crater 46°42'W 19°42'N
Puccini Crater 46°48'W 65°18'S
Purcell Crater 146°48'W 81°18'N
Pushkin Crater 22°24'W 66°18'S
Rabelais Crater 62°24'W 61°0'S
Rajnis Crater 95°48'W 4°30'N
Rameau Crater 37°30'W 54°54'S
Raphael Crater 75°54'W 19°54'S
Ravel Crater 38°0'W 12°0'S
Renoir Crater 51°30'W 18°36'S
Repin Crater 63°0'W 19°12'S
Resolution Rupes Rupes 51°42'W 63°48'S
Riemenschneider Crater 99°36'W 52°48'S
Rilke Crater 12°18'W 45°12'S
Rimbaud Crater 148°0'W 62°0'S
Rodin Crater 18°12'W 21°6'N
Rubens Crater 74°6'W 59°48'N
Rublev Crater 156°48'W 15°6'S
Rūdaki Crater 51°6'W 4°0'S
Rude Crater 79°36'W 32°48'S
Rūmī Crater 104°42'W 24°6'S
Sadī Crater 56°0'W 78°36'S
Saikaku Crater 176°18'W 72°54'N
Santa María Rupes Rupes 19°42'W 5°30'N
Sarmiento Crater 172°18'E 29°48'S
Sayat-Nova Crater 122°6'W 28°24'S
Sacrlatti Crater 100°0'W 40°30'N
Schiaparelli Dorsum Dorsa 164°6'W 23°0'N
Schoenberg Crater 135°42'W 16°0'S
Schubert Crater 54°18'W 43°24'S
Scopas Crater 172°54'W 81°6'S
Sei Crater 89°6'W 64°18'S
Shakespeare Crater 150°54'W 49°42'N
Shelley Crater 127°48'W 47°48'S
Shevchenko Crater 46°30'W 53°48'S
Sholem Aleichem Crater 87°42'W 5024'N
Sibelius Crater 144°42'W 49°36'S
Simeiz Vallis Valles 64°18'W 13°12'S
Simonides Crater 45°0'W 29°6'S
Sinan Crater 29°48'W 15°30'N
Sinus Argiphontae Albedo 25°E 10°S
Smentana Crater 70°12'W 48°30'S
Snorri Crater 82°54'W 9°0'S
Sobkou Planitia Planitiae 129°54'W 39°54'N
Solitudo Admetei Albedo 90°W 55°N
Solitudo Alarum Albedo 70°E 15°S
Solitudo Aphrodites Albedo 70°E 25°N
Solitudo Atlantis Albedo 150°E 35°S
Solitudo Criophori Albedo 130°E
Solitudo Helii Albedo 180° 10°S
Solitudo Hermae Trismegisti Albedo 45°W 45°S
Solitudo Horarum Albedo 115°W 25°N
Solitudo Iovis Albedo
Solitudo Lycaonis Albedo 107°W
Solitudo Maiae Albedo 155°W 15°S
Solitudo Martis Albedo 100° W 35° S
Solitudo Neptuni Albedo 150°W 30°N
Solitudo Persephones Albedo 135°E 41°S
Solitudo Phoenicis Albedo 135°E 25°N
Solitudo Promethei Albedo 217°30'E 45°S
Sophocles Crater 145°18'W 7°0'S
Sor Juana Crater 23°54'W 49°0'N
Sōseki Crater 37°42'W 38°54'N
Sōtatsu Crater 18°6'W 49°6'S
Spitteler Crater 61°48'W 68°36'S
Stravinsky Crater 73°30'W 50°30'N
Strindberg Crater 135°18'W 53°42'N
Suisei Planitia Planitiae 150°48'W 59°12'N
Sullivan Crater 86°18'W 16°54'S
Sūr Dās 93°18'W 47°6'S
Surikov Crater 124°36'W 37°6'S
Takanobu Crater 108°12'W 30°48'N
Takayoshi Crater 163°6'W 37°30'S
Tansen Crater 70°54'W 3°54'N
Thākur Crater 63°30'W 3°0'S
Theophanes Crater 142°24'W 4°54'S
Thoreau Crater 132°18'W 5°54'N
Tintoretto Crater 22°54'W 48°6'S
Tir Planitia Planitiae 176°6'W 0°48'N
Titian Crater 42°24'W 3°36'S
Tolstoj Crater 163°30'W 16°18'S
Tricrena Albedo 36°W
Ts'ai Wen-Chi Crater 22°12'W 22°48'N
Ts'ao Chan Crater 142°12'W 13°24'S
Tsurayuki Crater 21°18'W 63°0'S
Tung Yüan Crater 55°0'W 73°36'N
Turgenev Crater 135°0'W 65°42'N
Tyagaraja Crater 148°24'W 3°42'N
Unkei Crater 62°42'W 31°54'S
Ustad Isa Crater 165°18'W 32°6'S
Vālmiki Crater 141°0'W 23°30'S
Van Dijck Crater 163°48'W 76°42'N
Van Eyck Crater 158°48'W 43°12'N
van Gogh Crater 134°54'W 76°30'S
Velázquez Crater 53°42'W 37°30'N
Verdi Crater 168°36'W 64°42'N
Victoria Rupes Rupes 31°6'W 50°54'N
Vincente Crater 142°24'W 56°48'S
Vivaldi Crater 85°0'W 13°42'N
Vlaminck Crater 12°42'W 28°0'N
Vostok Rupes Rupes 19°30'W 37°42'S
Vyāsa Crater 81°6'W 48°18'N
Wagner Crater 114°0'W 67°24'S
Wang Meng Crater 103°48'W 8°48'N
Wergeland Crater 56°30'W 38°0'S
Whitman Crater 110°24'W 41°24'N
Wren Crater 35°12'W 24°18'N
Yakovlev Crater
Yeats Crater 34°36'W 9°12'N
Yun Sǒn-Do Crater 109°24'W 72°30'S
Zarya Rupes Rupes 20°30'W 42°48'S
Zeami Crater 147°12'W 3°6'S
Zeehaen Rupes Rupes 157°0'W 51°0'N
Zola Crater 177°18'W 50°6'N