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Why Would My Company Want to Use Orbiter Space Flight Simulator?

  • Price: Orbiter is free.
  • Cost: Orbiter is stable and well documented; the standard download includes a manual in PDF format. It is written in C++ and has numerous APIs, permitting extensions by any competent programmer. It needs no complex installation, and can be unpacked into an unprotected folder by any user, without needing administrative privileges.
  • Quality: Orbiter is based in Newtonian physics, rather than star wars physics. Orbiter's primary focus is realism, rather than graphics, so you can be sure that the data is as accurate as possible and nothing is sacrificed for the sake of eyecandy.
  • Scope: Orbiter allows you to take off from Earth, fly to the Moon, land, refuel, slingshot around Earth, then Mars, fling around towards Jupiter, and land on Ganymede, all with no intermediary loading screens. At the same time, in another scenario, you can recreate the Apollo program with incredible realism, flicking switches and reading dials all the way to the Moon, just as the real astronauts did. Orbiter also features time acceleration to make this possible to do within a more sociable timescale than these journeys would take in real life.
  • Uses: Orbiter would be useful for presentations, both in-house and to the public. It can also be used as a showcase for programmers, to demonstrate capacity, and graphics artists, modellers and the like. The scope for Orbiter's development is almost limitless, and as such, so are the potential amount of uses for it.

Currently, the following companies and projects make use of Orbiter:

  • SpaceHAB
  • Pedro de la rosa (Ansari X-Prize)
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