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Project home: vMC Home Page
Author: Synchronous Technologies Ltd.
Current version: Unknown
Compatibility: Unknown

Virtual Mission Control or vMC is a network interface by Synchronous Technologies Ltd.

Virtual Mission Control (vMC) is a software application designed to support remote telemetry and flight control operations using Martin Schweiger’s Orbiter space flight simulation software. A remote telemetry viewing application (vMC/Workstation) is provided, but other programs using the vMC core components can also be created using the vMC SDK Manual.

The vMC/Workstation program supports the creation of new display pages using either a built-in page editor, or by use of compiled plug-ins (ActiveX custom controls). vMC consists of four software components that need to be installed on your PC:

  • vMC/Workstation - the front end of vMC, where you can view telemetry in a wide variety of different formats, and send commands to a spacecraft in Orbiter.
  • vMC/Server - the communications control element of vMC, that handles all network traffic between components (and allows you to use vMC over a LAN or the Internet, if you wish).
  • Orbiter.dll - an ActiveX in-process server component that translates vMC messages into something that Orbiter can understand.
  • Orbipc.dll - an Orbiter plug-in module that links Orbiter.dll to Orbiter itself.

Please note that in order to allow these components to communicate, vMC requires that you have a TCP/IP network connection configured on your PC, even if you are only ever going to use vMC on the same PC as Orbiter. This connection can be a local loopback adapter, but presumably if you downloaded Orbiter and vMC, then you have an Internet connection anyway this will serve the purpose.

vMC is now inactive however there is a new project similar to it but using orb:connect and .net framework to allow multiple people to be in a virtual mission control interface. it is called orbiter mission control.

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