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Project home: napkin
Author: over_g
Current version: Unknown
Compatibility: Unknown

over_g has no add-on listings, this add-on is listed as Unknown Developer in the forum resources.

The napkin add-on is a fictional one-person spacecraft. It can be equipped with two small boosters, or be launched as a SSTO spacecraft. For more information take a look at the links provided below.



  1. Engage main thruster 100%
  2. After takeoff, retract gear (Press G)
  3. Reduce throttle to 70%, turn to launch heading
  4. When established on launch heading, engage full main, and ignite boosters (Press J)
  5. Pitch up to around 80 degrees
  6. Keep vertical speed around 400 m/s, reduce by pitching down
  7. When above 45 km, engage RCS (Press Ctrl + /)
  8. Perform standard orbital insertion as desired