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Project home: Brazilian Space Program at orbithangar.com
Author: 4th rock

Veículo Lançador de Satélites or Satellite Launch Vehicle is a Brazilian rocket under development.

Add-on description: Brazilian Space Program for Orbiter, including the Alcantara Launch Center (CLA) , the VLS-1 satellite launcher (Veículo Lançador de Satélites), the VLM-1 microsatellite launcher (Veículo Lançador de Microssatélites) and a microsatellite.

Release notes: First version, so guidance is rough but should be good enough to achieve orbit. Notice that the last stage on both rockets is designed for a delayed burn (more than 200sec). So be patient and let the guidance run until all fuel is spent. Future updates may feature the VS40 rocket, the SARA reentry spacecraft, and/or the projected VLS redesigns.