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Project home: http://orbiter.dansteph.com/
Author: Daniel "DanSteph" Polli
Current version: Unknown
Compatibility: Unknown

Universal MMU

Universal MMU or UMMU for short is an add-on SDK, which allows addon developers to easily implement a crew simulation for an addon vessel. UMMU compatible vessels are capable of EVAs and crew transfer with other UMMU vessels. UMMU was based on the crew management system developed by Dansteph for the DeltaGliderIV project. "MMU" in real life stands for Manned Maneuvering Unit.

Universal MMU[edit]

A Universal MMU is a special vessel class designed by Dansteph to simulate an astronaut crew when on EVAs. Each individual UMMU, when EVAed from a vessel or created through the scenario editor, is equipped with an idividual set of individual RCS thrusters for use in space as well as the ability to "walk" on the surface of a celestial body (not consuming any fuel in that case). Each UMMU has three attachment points, one parent->child for grappling objects, another parent->child for installing special backpacks, called "TurboPacks", with the identifer "TurboMmu". The third is a child->parent attachment point and has the type identifier "GRAPME". These attachment points allow UMMU crew to simulate grappling objects such as space station modules, UCGO cargo crates, and any other object with the appropriate attachment ID in its configuration file.


UMMU Turbopack
  • Astronaut meshes can be customized
  • UMMU crew on EVAs consume Oxygen and can die of suffocation, crashes, oxygen deprivation and high temperatures such as those in atmospheric reentry.
  • Each UMMU is equipped with a parachute particularily useful when falling in Earths atmosphere. A jetpack ("Turbopack") is also available for greater mobility during various types of EVAs.
  • All MMUs support a built-in help system, available by pressing H while controlling a UMMU.

Universal MMU SDK[edit]

The UMMU package comes with a SDK for addon developers, which can be found in the example contained in the documentation folder(".\Doc\UMmu_SDK\UMmu_ShuttlePB_Example"), as well as the PDF documentation itself. The library "UMmuSDK.lib" is linked against the 2005 version of visual C++, which means that VC6 users need to include the VC2005 Express standard libraries instead of the VC6 standard libraries. A modified Shuttle PB compiled to include UMMU is included as example to help explain use of the addon.


End users are not allowed to redistribute the UMMU libraries and modules in their addon projects. This helps to avoid redistribution of outdated UMMU libraries & files, UMMU being updated with some regularity allowing Dansteph to correct errors & add new functionality to the addon.

Also, the UMMU license demands that full compatibility with the included SDK is necessary for add-ons to list it as relying on. This was intended to prevent addon developers unable to include UMMU support in their projects from listing UMMU as a requirement when their scenarios only include UMMUs to make it appear UMMU compatible.

Current Addons supporting UMMU[edit]

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Download also available at Universal MMU 2.5 2013-08-08 at Orbiter-forum/resources.

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