United Federation of Minor Planets

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United Federation Of Minor Planets
Leader: Supreme Commander GW_Simulations
Capital: 90 Antiope
Other territories: Various asteroids, bases on Rhea
Population: About 10 million

The United Federation of Minor Planets is a member of the Orbiter Solar Nations project. It is led by Supreme Commander GW_Simulations, and consists of 10 million Centurians, originating from Alpha Centuri. They are largely peaceful, however, if provoked, they can become violent. They are also fiercly territorial.


The UFMP was formed shortly after the end of World War III, on the asteroid 90 Antiope. It consists of a highly advanced race, the Centurians, in exile from their home, Alpha Centuri. Since then it has expanded, taking 15 uninhabited asteroids, and the Pluto system (which was evacuated due to an asteroid impact). It has a population of just under 5 million, however only about 1 million of these are located on planets or asteroids. The rest are on four of the five great Hunter-Seeker ships that brought them to the Solar System, each one holding about a million citizens.

When the UFMP arrived at Sol, it recieved a hostile reception from both the SDL and Mercurian Empire, who declared war against it on the grounds of its colonisation process. This was the trigger for a nuclear war to break out between Galactic Federation and SDL, resulting in the destruction of Earth's Moon. Following this, the UFMP allied itself to the Rhea Research Corporation, and established bases on Rhea. A few months after the UFMP arrived, another group of Centurians, the ECPS, arrived, and attempted to conquer Sol. This caused the war between the UFMP and Mercurian Empire to be forgotton, as both fought against the common enemy. Eventually, this war was won at the battle of Alpha Centuri, which resulted in a supernova of Alpha Centuri, and the unconditional surrender of the ECPS.


The UFMP starfleet consists of the five great Hunter-Seeker ships (One has been converted to a battleship, armed with four MK.7 vaporizer beams. In addition, all five are armed with twenty-five low-powered lasers. 15 Starcruiser class ships, capable of fast interplanetary travel, and armed with a MK.12 Vaporiser. 7 Dreadnought class ships, each armed with 3 MK.15 vaporisers. 3 Silo class ships, which are bombers, armed with 4 Helium Bombs. Finally, 25 Defender class fighters.

In addition to our its ships, the UFMP has inherited various ships through salvage, and capture. It has a small fleet of ships that the Unity of Galactic Civilisations decommissioned and sold. An Agamemnon class battleship which was used against us, and the entire ECPS starfleet, however parts of this will be distributed to our allies. It has also restored and upgraded twelve ships left over from the World War. These are 5 Delta Gliders, 4 DG-IIIs, a Shuttle A, and two "Wheel" class space stations. All of these are currently being refitted. Starfleet is also responsible for 3 Ambassador Class diplomatic ships.

There are factories at various minor planets, developing new ships for the starfleet.

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