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The PrecisImage template should be used to display an image in an article's precis. It helps ensure that the image style is consistent.

Here are some usage examples:

What you type           What it looks like
{{PrecisImage | img=MyImage.jpg | desc=This is my image}}
(hover the mouse over image to see the description)
This is my image
{{PrecisImage | img=MyImage.jpg | border=red}}
{{PrecisImage | img=MyImage.jpg | border=#08f}}
{{PrecisImage | img=MyImage.jpg | border=none}}
{{PrecisImage | img=MyImage.jpg | size=50px}}

Usage notes[edit]

The use of the desc parameter is highly encouraged - make it descriptive!

The use of the border and especially the size parameter is discouraged - only do so if you really need to! (Example of justified use of size: Ariane 5/precis; border: LEO-lunar_transfer/precis)


A precis is a short introduction which can be randomly displayed on the Main Page to "advertise" the article. Here is an example of a random precis - if you reload this page (F5) you will see it change:

OMB opening screen

OMB was a MFD designed for Orbiter which was capable of a rudimentary simulation of human physiological reactions to external agents common in space travel. It featured a highly realistic and a fully functional input selection, which includes not only a sophisticated human tolerance estimator but also controls the level of effect of each different hazard. OMB assumed a live crew of one who can die if pressures of solitary flight become unacceptable and cause a directional error. Unlike most addons in Orbiter at the time, OMB concentrated on failures in response to human choices limiting a vessel's ability to function. Released in 2003, OMB was one of the very first realism-enhancement addons for Orbiter. (More...)