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Peenemünde is a village with a seaport on the westmost extremity of a long sand-spit in the northwestern part of Usedom (an island) on the Baltic Sea coast of Germany.

Historically it's the world's first launch site, used for development of the V-1, A-4/V-2, Wasserfall and other missiles.

It's the location of Peenemünde Airfield and the former Peenemünde Army Research Center.

Peenemünde Airfield[edit]

Runways and frequencies[edit]

  • Peenemünde Airfield (IATA: PEF, ICAO: EDCP)
  • 13T/31T, 2400x60m, concrete
  • Frequencies: tower 132.65, 122.47

Maps and charts[edit]

Peenemünde Army Research Center[edit]


  • Tower V-2 launch complex
  • P12 V-2 launch complex
  • GWO V-2, Wasserfall launch complex
  • P6 V-2 launch complex
  • Rail V-2 launch complex
  • P7 V-2 launch complex
  • P10 V-2, A4b launch complex
  • SK V-2 launch complex

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