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Palmachim Air Force Base (also known as Palmahim AB (LL59)) is an Israeli military facility and spaceport located near the cities of Rishon LeZion and Yavne on the Mediterranean Sea.

Palmachim is used to launch the Shavit space launch vehicle into retrograde orbit. This ensures that rocket debris falls into water, and that the rocket does not fire over other countries.

Pads and runways[edit]

  • launchpad located 31.897925N 34.690769E
  • runway 03/21, 2414 x 30 meters, asphalt, no ILS, lights
  • runway 13/31, 805 x 30 meters, asphalt, no ILS, no lights
  • communications: TEL AVIV APP, 120.9, 121.4