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Project home: http://orbiter.world/
Author: Muhammad Ali aka computerex aka Majid
Current version: Unknown
Compatibility: Unknown

Orbiter.World was announced in this thread on Orbiter forums.


In May 2017, with the announcement of the project, a working prototype was released. The source code is publicly available by means of a GitHub repository.


Orbiter.World uses a server/client concept with polling mechanisms. Clients use 3 Orbiter plugins:

  • mjdcontroller - synchronizes the current simulation to the server time
  • ServerPersister - allows to "persist" a simulation object so its state gets send to the server regularly
  • ClientPersister - polls the server for object states and displays remote vessels accordingly

The used communications protocol is HTTP, the payload is JSON-encoded. In essence, ReST principles are used for communication.

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