List of surface features on Venus

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There are more than 2000 surface features modeled on Venus in Orbiter 2016. The following is a list of those features, types, and locations. Although Venus is modeled as a sphere with no elevations, the features are marked on the surface, and also labeled if labels are turned on in the display menu.


List of surface features on Venus[edit]

Surface features on Venus
Name Type Longitude Latitude
Abe Mango Dorsa 148°0'W 47°0'N
Abeona Mons 86°54'W 44°48'S
Abigail Crater 111°12'E 52°12'S
Abika Crater 104°24'E 52°30'S
Abington Crater 82°18'W 47°48'S
Abra Crater 97°24'E 6°12'N
Abundia Corona 125°0'E 18°30'N
Achall Corona 100°24'W 31°12'S
Achek Dorsa 130°0'W 37°12'S
Acrea Corona 116°18'W 24°12'N
Adaiah Crater 106°36'W 47°18'S
Adamson Crater 29°36'E 14°48'S
Addams Crater 98°54'E 56°12'S
Aditi Dorsa 171°0'W 30°0'S
Adivar Crater 76°12'E 8°54'N
Adrasthea Tesserae 55°0'E 30°0'N
Adzoba Crater 117°0'E 12°48'N
Aegina Farrum 20°54'E 35°30'N
Aeracura Corona 121°30'W 19°0'S
Aethelflaed Crater 163°24'W 18°12'S
Afiba Crater 102°42'E 47°6'S
Afiruwa Crater 3°48'E 4°18'N
Aftenia Crater 36°0'W 50°0'N
Afua Crater 124°0'E 15°30'N
Aglaonice Crater 20°6'W 26°24'S
Agnesi Crater 37°42'E 39°24'S
Agoe Crater 4°18'E 13°6'N
Agraulos Corona 165°48'E 27°42'S
Agrippina Crater 65°42'E 33°12'S
Agrona Linea 80°0'W 40°0'N
Ahava Crater 172°42'W 53°36'N
Ahsabkab Vallis 79°0'E 24°0'S
Ahsonnutli Dorsa 163°30'W 47°54'N
Aibarchin Planitia 25°0'E 73°0'S
Aida-Wedo Dorsa 146°0'W 73°0'N
Aife Fossae 131°0'E 67°0'N
Aigul Crater 79°36'W 38°12'N
Aikhylu Chasma 68°0'W 32°0'N
Ailar Crater 68°24'E 15°48'S
Aimee Crater 127°12'E 16°6'N
Aino Planitia 94°30'E 40°30'S
Aisha Crater 53°18'E 39°18'N
Aita Crater 89°18'W 8°54'N
Aitchison Patera 10°36'W 16°42'S
Ajina Fossae 102°0'W 45°0'S
Ak-Ene Corona 105°18'W 9°24'N
Akeley Crater 115°30'W 8°0'N
Akewa Dorsa 176°0'W 45°30'N
Akhmatova Crater 52°6'W 61°18'N
Akhtamar Planitia 65°0'E 27°0'N
Akiko Crater 172°42'W 30°36'N
Akkruva Colles 115°30'E 46°6'N
Akna Montes 41°48'W 68°54'N
Akosua Crater 18°6'E 58°36'S
Aksentyeva Crater 88°6'W 42°0'S
Akuanda Dorsa 128°0'W 63°30'N
Akuba Crater 23°0'E 9°36'N
Al-Taymuriyya Crater 23°54'W 32°54'N
Al-Uzza Undae 90°30'E 67°42'N
Alajen Vallis 22°54'W 3°18'S
Albasty Fossae 23°30'W 9°0'S
Albys Vallis 30°30'E 39°30'S
Alcott Crater 5°36'W 59°30'S
Alcyone Tholus 103°36'W 2°6'S
Ale Tholus 113°0'W 68°12'N
Aleksota Mons 51°30'W 9°0'S
Alima Crater 130°48'W 46°0'S
Alimat Crater 154°6'W 29°30'S
Alison Crater 165°36'E 4°0'S
Alkonost Dorsa 19°0'W 5°0'S
Allat Dorsa 70°0'E 60°0'N
Allatu Corona 114°0'E 15°30'N
Alma Crater 131°12'W 2°24'S
Alma-Merghen Planitia 100°0'E 76°0'S
Almeida Crater 123°18'E 46°36'N
Alpan Fluctus 11°0'W 7°30'S
Alpha Regio 0°18'E 25°30'S
Altana Crater 69°54'E 1°24'N
Ama Corona 81°48'W 45°42'S
Crater 17°36'W 11°30'S
Amanda Crater 94°30'E 29°12'S
Amaya Crater 89°24'E 11°18'N
Ambar-ona Corona 82°30'E 70°0'S
Amenardes Crater 54°18'E 15°0'N
Ament Corona 142°6'W 67°12'S
Aminata Crater 25°12'E 6°36'N
Amitolane Dorsa 25°0'W 77°0'S
Among Corona 146°30'W 13°24'S
Amra Tholus 98°0'E 53°0'N
Anahit Corona 82°42'W 77°6'N
Anala Corona 14°0'E 11°0'N
Anala Mons 14°6'E 11°0'N
Ananke Tessera 137°0'E 53°18'N
Anaxandra Crater 162°18'E 44°12'N
Andami Crater 26°30'E 17°30'S
Andreianova Crater 68°48'E 3°0'S
Angerona Tholus 72°48'W 29°48'S
Angrboda Tholus 116°0'E 73°48'S
Anicia Crater 31°18'E 26°18'S
Annapurna Corona 152°0'E 35°30'S
Annia Faustina Crater 4°42'E 22°6'N
Anning Paterae 57°48'E 66°30'N
Anpao Dorsa 153°0'W 62°0'N
Anqet Farra 48°30'W 33°36'N
Anqet Farrum 48°30'W 33°36'N
Anthony Patera 32°36'E 48°12'N
Antiope Linea 10°0'W 40°0'S
Antonina Crater 106°48'E 28°6'N
Anuket Vallis 8°0'E 66°42'N
Anush Crater 86°30'E 14°54'N
Anya Crater 62°12'W 39°30'N
Apakura Tholus 151°12'W 40°18'N
Apgar Patera 83°48'E 43°6'N
Aphrodite Terra 104°48'E 5°48'S
Api Mons 54°42'E 38°54'N
Apisuahts Vallis 17°0'E 66°30'S
Aramaiti Corona 82°0'E 26°18'S
Aranyani Chasma 74°24'E 69°18'N
Ardwinna Chasma 163°0'W 21°0'N
Arev Dorsa 144°0'W 52°0'S
Argimpasa Fluctus 175°30'E 0°0'N
Ariadne Crater 0°0'W 43°54'N
Arianrod Fossae 120°6'W 37°0'N
Artemis Chasma 138°30'E 41°12'S
Artemis Corona 135°0'E 35°0'S
Artio Chasma 39°0'E 35°30'S
Arubani Fluctus 132°0'E 55°0'S
Aruru Corona 98°0'W 9°0'N
Asherat Colles 162°0'E 12°0'N
Ashnan Corona 3°0'W 50°12'N
Ashtart Tholus 113°0'W 48°42'N
Asiaq Dorsa 55°0'E 53°0'S
Asintmah Corona 152°0'W 25°54'N
Asmik Crater 166°24'E 3°54'N
Asomama Corona 21°36'E 23°18'N
Aspasia Corona 170°54'W 56°6'N
Aspasia Patera 171°0'W 56°24'N
Asteria Regio 92°30'W 21°36'N
Astkhik Planum 20°0'E 45°0'S
Astrid Crater 24°48'W 21°24'S
Atahensik Corona 170°0'E 19°0'S
Atai Mons 69°0'W 22°0'S
Atalanta Planitia 165°48'E 45°36'N
Atanua Mons 51°6'W 9°30'N
Atargatis Corona 8°36'E 8°0'S
Atete Corona 116°30'W 16°0'S
Athena Tessera 175°0'E 35°0'N
Atira Mons 92°24'W 52°12'N
Atla Regio 159°54'W 9°12'N
Atropos Tessera 56°0'W 71°30'N
Atse Estsan Corona 92°0'E 8°30'N
Atsyrkhus Mons 133°0'W 78°30'S
Attabeira Corona 148°30'W 1°30'S
Audhumla Corona 12°0'E 45°30'N
Audra Planitia 92°18'E 59°48'N
Audrey Crater 11°54'W 23°48'N
Aurelia Crater 28°12'W 20°18'N
Auska Dorsum 2°12'W 59°54'N
Aušra Dorsa 25°18'E 49°24'N
Austen Crater 168°24'E 25°0'S
Austrina Vallis 177°0'E 49°30'S
Avene Crater 149°24'E 40°24'N
Avfruvva Vallis 70°0'E 2°0'N
Avviyar Crater 6°18'W 18°0'S
Awenhai Mons 112°0'W 60°0'S
Ayana Crater 175°30'E 29°12'S
Ayashe Crater 31°24'E 22°42'N
Ayisatu Crater 5°30'E 34°36'N
Ayrton Patera 132°42'W 6°0'N
Ba'het Corona 0°6'E 48°24'N
Ba'het Patera 0°6'E 48°24'N
Baba-Jaga Chasma 49°30'E 53°12'N
Bachira Crater 10°0'E 26°30'N
Bachue Corona 98°36'W 73°18'N
Badarzewska Crater 137°12'E 22°36'S
Badb Linea 15°0'E 14°0'N
Bagbartu Mons 81°0'W 65°30'N
Bahriyat Crater 2°30'W 50°18'N
Baker Crater 40°18'E 62°30'N
Bakhtadze Patera 140°30'W 45°30'N
Bakisat Crater 3°12'W 26°0'N
Balch Crater 77°6'W 29°54'N
Baltis Vallis 161°24'E 37°18'N
Ban Zhao Crater 147°0'E 17°6'N
Banba Corona 150°48'W 47°12'S
Banumbirr Vallis 4°0'E 7°0'S
Baranamtarra Crater 92°12'W 17°54'N
Barauka Crater 13°42'W 10°36'N
Barbale Dorsa 143°0'E 15°0'N
Barnes Patera 130°48'W 15°30'S
Barrera Crater 109°24'E 16°36'N
Barrymore Crater 164°18'W 52°18'S
Barsova Crater 137°0'W 61°18'N
Barto Crater 146°18'E 45°18'N
Barton Crater 22°30'W 27°24'N
Bascom Crater 57°48'W 10°24'S
Bashkirtseff Crater 166°0'W 14°42'N
Bassi Crater 64°36'E 19°0'S
Bast Tholus 130°18'E 57°48'N
Bastryk Vallis 12°30'W 7°30'S
Bathkol Tessera 160°0'W 61°0'N
Bathsheba Crater 49°30'E 15°6'S
Batten Crater 142°36'W 15°12'N
Batya Crater 124°36'W 72°42'N
Bau Corona 100°42'W 52°48'N
Bayara Vallis 16°30'E 45°36'N
Bécuma Mons 21°54'E 34°0'N
Beecher Crater 106°36'W 13°0'N
Behn Crater 142°0'E 32°24'S
Beiwe Corona 53°30'W 52°36'N
Belet-Ili Corona 20°0'E 6°0'N
Belisama Vallis 22°30'E 50°0'N
Bell Regio 51°24'E 32°48'N
Bellona Fossae 137°54'W 38°0'N
Ben Dorsa 75°54'W 71°12'N
Bender Crater 32°36'W 13°0'S
Bennu Vallis 18°48'W 1°18'N
Benten Corona 20°0'W 16°0'N
Benzozia Corona 155°30'W 27°30'N
Bereghinya Planitia 23°36'E 28°36'N
Berggolts Crater 53°0'E 63°30'S
Bernadette Crater 74°24'W 46°36'S
Bernhardt Crater 84°24'E 31°36'N
Bernice Crater 14°48'E 40°42'S
Bers Patera 177°0'W 66°42'S
Berta Crater 38°0'W 62°0'N
Beruth Corona 126°30'W 19°0'S
Beta Regio 77°12'W 25°18'N
Bethune Patera 38°42'W 46°30'N
Bette Crater 12°6'W 24°36'S
Beyla Corona 15°30'E 26°30'N
Bezlea Dorsa 36°30'E 30°24'N
Bhumidevi Corona 16°24'W 17°12'S
Bhumiya Corona 118°0'E 15°0'N
Bibi-Patma Corona 58°0'W 47°0'S
Bickerdyke Crater 171°18'E 82°0'S
Bil Corona 168°0'E 3°0'N
Biliku Dorsa 138°0'E 47°0'S
Bineta Crater 144°6'E 57°18'N
Birute Crater 32°0'E 36°6'N
Blackburne Crater 176°6'W 11°0'N
Blai Corona 134°30'E 0°24'S
Blanche Crater 157°0'E 9°18'S
Blathnat Corona 66°12'W 35°0'N
Blid Corona 128°42'W 0°30'S
Blixen Crater 145°42'E 60°6'S
Bly Crater 54°30'W 37°42'N
Boadicea Paterae 96°30'E 56°36'N
Boala Corona 1°0'W 70°0'S
Boann Corona 136°30'E 27°0'N
Boivin Crater 60°30'W 4°18'N
Boleyn Crater 139°54'W 24°24'N
Bolotnitsa Fluctus 160°0'E 50°0'N
Bona Corona 157°30'E 24°0'S
Bonnevie Crater 127°0'E 36°6'S
Bonnin Crater 117°36'E 6°18'S
Boszorkany Dorsa 105°0'E 19°30'S
Boulanger Crater 99°12'E 26°36'S
Bourke-White Crater 147°54'E 21°12'N
Boyd Crater 138°36'W 39°24'S
Boye Crater 67°42'W 9°36'S
Bradstreet Crater 47°42'E 16°30'N
Branwen Corona 35°0'E 27°0'N
Breksta Dorsa 56°0'W 35°54'N
Breksta Linea 56°0'W 35°54'N
Bremer Patera 63°42'E 66°48'N
Bridgit Crater 11°6'W 45°18'S
Brigit Tholus 114°0'W 49°0'N
Britomartis Chasma 130°0'E 33°0'S
Brooke Crater 63°24'W 48°24'N
Browning Crater 4°54'E 28°18'N
Bryce Crater 163°0'W 62°30'S
Brynhild Fossae 18°0'E 26°0'S
Buck Crater 10°24'W 5°42'S
Budevska Crater 143°12'E 0°30'N
Bugoslavskaya Crater 59°36'W 23°0'S
Bunzi Mons 5°6'W 45°48'N
Caccini Crater 170°24'E 17°24'N
Cailleach Corona 88°18'E 48°0'S
Caitlin Crater 12°0'E 65°18'S
Caiwenji Crater 72°24'W 12°24'S
Calakomana Corona 43°30'E 6°30'N
Caldwell Crater 112°24'E 23°36'N
Callas Crater 27°0'E 2°24'N
Callirhoe Crater 140°42'E 21°12'N
Carmenta Farra 8°0'E 12°24'N
Caroline Crater 53°42'W 6°54'N
Carpo Corona 3°0'E 37°30'S
Carr Crater 64°18'W 24°0'S
Carreno Crater 16°6'E 3°54'S
Carriera Patera 48°48'E 48°36'N
Carson Crater 15°54'W 24°12'S
Carter Crater 67°18'E 5°18'N
Cassatt Corona 152°24'W 65°36'N
Cassatt Patera 152°18'W 65°36'N
Castro Crater 126°6'W 3°24'N
Cather Crater 107°0'E 47°6'N
Cauteovan Corona 142°54'E 31°30'N
Cavell Corona 18°48'E 38°18'N
Cavell Patera 18°42'E 37°54'N
Cavillaca Fluctus 20°0'W 72°0'S
Centlivre Crater 69°36'W 19°6'N
Ceres Corona 151°30'E 16°0'S
Cerridwen Corona 158°12'W 49°36'N
Chang Xi Chasmata 17°0'E 59°0'S
Changko Corona 6°12'E 10°54'N
Chantico Corona 145°0'W 1°42'S
Chapelle Crater 103°48'E 6°24'N
Charykh-Keyok Dorsa 75°0'W 54°30'N
Chasca Vallis 1°0'W 52°48'S
Chechek Crater 87°42'W 2°36'S
Chernava Colles 24°30'W 10°30'S
Cherskaya Patera 127°30'W 5°12'S
Chih Nu Dorsum 165°0'W 73°0'S
Chimon-mana Tessera 90°0'W 3°0'S
Chiun Corona 19°30'W 18°18'N
Chiyojo Crater 95°42'E 47°48'S
Chloe Crater 98°36'E 7°24'S
Chloris Mons 65°24'W 45°24'S
Cholpon Crater 70°0'W 40°0'N
Chondi Chasma 130°0'W 18°30'S
Christie Crater 72°42'E 28°18'N
Chubado Crater 5°36'E 45°18'N
Chuginadak Mons 114°0'W 38°0'S
Chuku Corona 94°30'W 23°30'S
Cipactli Mons 27°30'W 31°30'S
Citlalpul Vallis 173°0'W 51°48'S
Ciuacoatl Corona 150°54'E 53°0'N
Ciuacoatl Mons 150°54'E 53°0'N
Clara Crater 124°42'W 37°30'S
Clementina Crater 151°24'W 35°54'N
Cleopatra Crater 7°6'E 65°48'N
Cleopatra Patera 6°54'E 66°0'N
Clidna Tessera 29°0'E 42°0'S
Cline Crater 42°54'W 21°48'S
Clio Crater 26°30'W 6°18'N
Clonia Corona 167°24'E 16°0'N
Clotho Tessera 25°6'W 56°24'N
Coatlicue Corona 87°0'W 63°12'N
Cochran Crater 143°24'E 51°54'N
Cocomama Tessera 23°0'E 62°0'S
Codidon Corona 56°0'E 46°0'S
Cohn Crater 151°54'W 33°18'S
Colette Crater 38°0'W 65°0'N
Colette Patera 37°12'W 66°18'N
Colijnsplaat Corona 151°0'E 32°0'S
Colleen Crater 162°12'E 60°48'S
Colonna Crater 143°12'W 64°42'N
Comnena Crater 16°18'W 1°12'N
Conway Crater 39°0'E 48°18'N
Copia Corona 75°30'E 42°30'S
Corday Patera 40°12'E 62°42'N
Cori Crater 72°54'E 25°24'N
Corinna Crater 40°36'E 22°54'N
Corpman Crater 151°48'E 0°18'N
Cortese Crater 141°36'W 11°24'S
Cotis Mons 126°54'W 44°6'N
Cotis Tholus 127°0'W 44°18'N
Cotton Crater 59°48'W 70°48'N
Cunitz Crater 9°6'W 14°30'N
Cybele Corona 20°42'E 7°30'S
Cynthia Crater 12°30'W 16°42'S
d'Este Crater 121°6'W 34°18'S
Dado Crater 87°36'E 13°54'S
Dafina Crater 115°54'W 28°36'N
Dali Chasma 167°0'E 17°36'S
Damona Corona 28°0'E 48°54'N
Danilova Crater 22°48'W 26°24'S
Danu Montes 26°0'W 58°30'N
Danute Crater 56°30'E 63°30'S
Daphne Crater 79°36'W 41°18'N
Darago Fluctus 46°30'W 11°30'S
Darclée Patera 96°12'W 37°24'S
Darline Crater 127°24'W 19°18'S
Dashkova Crater 53°30'W 78°12'N
Datsolalee Crater 171°48'E 38°18'N
Daura Chasma 53°48'E 73°48'N
Davies Patera 90°42'W 47°12'N
de Ayala Crater 31°54'E 12°24'N
de Beausoleil Crater 102°48'E 5°0'S
de Beauvoir Crater 96°6'E 2°0'N
de Lalande Crater 5°0'W 20°30'N
de Staël Crater 35°42'W 37°24'N
De Witt Crater 84°24'W 6°30'S
Deborah Crater 10°36'E 37°18'S
Defa Crater 11°18'E 32°12'N
Degu Crater 70°6'W 27°18'N
Deken Crater 71°30'W 47°6'N
Dekla Tessera 71°48'E 57°24'N
Deledda Crater 127°30'E 76°0'N
Delilah Crater 109°48'W 57°54'S
Deloria Crater 97°6'E 32°0'S
Demeter Corona 65°12'W 53°54'N
Demvamvit Corona 38°0'E 65°30'S
Dena Crater 21°18'W 20°42'S
Denise Crater 94°42'E 14°24'S
Dennitsa Dorsa 154°6'W 85°36'N
Deohako Corona 118°0'E 67°30'S
Derceto Corona 20°12'E 46°48'S
Destinnová Patera 109°48'W 31°30'S
Devana Chasma 75°0'W 16°0'N
Devorah Crater 16°36'W 22°30'S
Devorguilla Crater 4°0'E 15°18'N
Dewi Ratih Chasma 0°18'W 6°30'S
Dheepa Crater 176°18'E 21°36'S
Dhisana Corona 111°42'E 14°30'N
Dhorani Corona 117°0'W 8°0'S
Diana Chasma 154°48'E 14°48'S
Dickinson Crater 177°12'E 74°36'N
Didilia Corona 38°0'E 19°0'N
Dietrich Patera 124°42'W 5°18'S
Dilbat Vallis 176°0'W 55°0'S
Dilga Corona 109°36'W 18°42'S
Dinah Crater 37°6'E 62°54'S
Dione Regio 32°0'W 31°30'S
Disani Corona 57°30'E 2°42'N
Discordia Linea 113°30'W 58°0'S
Dix Crater 31°0'W 37°0'S
Djabran Fluctus 177°0'W 43°30'S
Djata Fluctus 52°30'W 66°30'N
Dodola Dorsa 87°24'W 46°48'N
Dolores Crater 158°24'W 51°24'N
Dolya Tessera 64°0'W 8°0'S
Domnika Crater 65°42'W 18°24'N
Doris Crater 90°0'E 2°18'N
Dorothy Crater 11°18'E 35°24'S
Dotetem Fluctus 177°30'E 6°0'S
Dou-Mu Tesserae 116°0'W 60°0'S
Dröl-ma Tholus 6°18'E 24°12'N
Dsonkwa Regio 167°0'E 53°0'S
du Chatelet Crater 165°0'E 21°30'N
Dudumitsa Dorsa 2°0'W 13°30'S
Duncan Crater 68°18'W 68°6'N
Dunghe Crater 64°42'W 56°12'S
Dunne-Musun Corona 85°0'E 60°0'S
Durant Crater 132°18'W 62°18'S
Duse Crater 2°0'W 82°30'S
Dutrieu Patera 161°30'W 33°48'N
Dyamenyuo Corona 42°30'E 57°30'S
Dyan-Mu Dorsa 31°54'E 78°12'N
Dyasya Crater 62°24'W 5°6'N
Dylacha Dorsa 76°0'E 19°0'S
Dzalarhons Mons 34°0'E 0°30'N
Dzerassa Planitia 65°0'W 15°0'S
Dziwica Chasma 125°0'W 16°30'S
Dzuzdi Corona 20°36'E 35°12'N
Dzyzlan Vallis 178°0'W 16°0'S
Earhart Corona 136°12'E 70°6'N
Earhart Crater 136°0'E 72°0'N
Edda Corona 25°24'E 47°12'N
Edgeworth Crater 22°48'E 32°12'N
Edinger Crater 151°30'W 68°48'S
Efimova Crater 137°0'W 81°0'N
Egeria Farrum 7°30'E 43°36'N
Egle Mons 134°0'E 59°0'S
Eigin Corona 175°0'E 5°0'S
Eila Crater 94°36'E 75°0'S
Eileen Crater 127°18'W 22°48'S
Eingana Corona 10°0'W 5°0'N
Eini Crater 96°24'E 41°36'S
Eistla Regio 21°30'E 10°30'N
Eithinoha Corona 7°30'E 57°0'S
Ekhe-Burkhan Corona 40°0'E 50°0'S
Elena Crater 73°24'E 18°18'S
Elenora Crater 6°54'E 47°6'N
Eliot Patera 79°0'E 39°6'N
Elizabeth Crater 144°36'W 59°6'N
Ellen Crater 78°42'W 22°48'S
Elma Crater 91°6'E 10°6'S
Elza Crater 84°6'W 34°24'S
Embla Coronae 154°36'W 28°54'N
Emegelji Coronae 146°30'W 21°30'S
Emegen Corona 69°30'W 37°30'N
Emilia Crater 88°12'E 26°30'S
Emma Crater 57°42'W 13°42'S
Enekeler Corona 96°0'W 46°0'S
Enid Crater 7°54'W 16°24'N
Enyo Fossae 9°0'W 62°0'S
Eostre Mons 30°54'W 45°6'N
Epona Corona 151°30'W 28°0'S
Ereshkigal Corona 84°30'E 21°0'N
Erigone Corona 76°0'W 34°30'S
Erika Crater 175°24'E 72°0'N
Erin Crater 175°12'W 47°0'S
Erinna Crater 50°54'W 78°0'S
Eriu Fluctus 3°0'W 37°0'S
Erkeley Crater 103°18'E 43°54'N
Erkir Corona 126°18'W 16°18'S
Ermolova Crater 154°24'E 60°18'N
Erxleben Crater 39°24'E 50°54'S
Erzulie Mons 8°0'E 68°0'S
Escoda Crater 149°30'E 18°12'N
Esmeralda Crater 104°30'E 64°24'N
Estelle Crater 93°42'E 1°6'N
Esterica Crater 3°36'E 36°48'N
Esther Crater 21°48'E 19°24'N
Etain Dorsa 161°0'W 45°0'S
Eudocia Crater 158°0'W 59°6'S
Eugenia Crater 105°24'E 80°36'N
Eurynome Corona 94°30'E 26°30'N
Evaki Tholus 17°48'W 37°36'N
Evangeline Crater 138°6'W 69°36'N
Eve Corona 0°12'W 32°0'S
Eve Crater 0°6'E 32°0'S
Evelyn Crater 147°42'W 61°12'S
Evika Crater 31°24'E 5°6'S
Ezraela Crater 173°12'W 57°0'N
Faiga Crater 170°54'E 4°54'N
Faina Crater 100°42'E 71°6'N
Fakahotu Corona 106°24'E 59°6'N
Fand Mons 158°0'E 7°0'N
Fara Vallis 14°30'W 1°12'S
Faravari Mons 51°0'W 43°30'S
Farida Crater 39°0'E 4°48'N
Fatima Crater 31°54'E 17°48'S
Fatua Corona 17°42'E 16°18'S
Faufau Crater 8°18'E 18°48'N
Fava Crater 87°24'E 0°42'S
Fazu Crater 106°0'E 32°24'N
Fea Fossae 136°0'W 27°30'N
Fedchenko Patera 133°30'W 24°0'S
Fedorets Crater 65°36'E 59°42'N
Fedosova Crater 171°48'E 45°0'N
Fedosova Patera 171°48'E 45°0'N
Fefafa Corona 149°12'W 24°48'S
Felesta Fossae 46°30'E 34°30'N
Felicia Crater 133°30'W 19°48'S
Ferber Crater 12°54'E 26°24'N
Fernandez Crater 17°12'E 76°12'N
Feronia Corona 78°18'W 68°0'N
Ferrier Crater 111°18'E 15°42'N
Feruk Crater 107°36'E 64°0'S
Festa Crater 27°12'E 11°30'N
Fetu-ao Vallis 105°18'W 61°0'S
Fiona Crater 166°36'E 5°0'N
Firuza Crater 108°0'E 51°48'N
Flagstad Crater 18°54'E 54°18'S
Flidais Corona 177°18'E 24°30'S
Florence Crater 85°0'E 15°12'S
Flosshilde Farra 80°36'W 10°30'N
Flutra Crater 112°0'E 68°24'S
Fonueha Planitia 48°0'E 44°0'S
Fornax Rupes 158°54'W 30°18'N
Fortuna Tessera 45°6'E 69°54'N
Fossey Crater 171°18'W 2°0'N
Fotla Corona 163°30'E 58°30'S
Fouquet Crater 156°30'W 15°6'S
Francesca Crater 57°42'E 28°0'S
Frank Crater 12°54'E 13°6'S
Fredegonde Crater 93°18'E 50°30'S
Freyja Montes 26°12'W 74°6'N
Friagabi Fossae 109°30'E 50°12'N
Frida Crater 55°36'E 68°12'N
Frigg Dorsa 150°36'E 51°12'N
Frosya Crater 113°24'E 29°30'N
Fufei Vallis 19°0'W 46°0'N
Fukiko Crater 105°48'E 23°6'S
Furachoga Corona 102°0'W 38°0'S
Furki Mons 123°36'W 35°54'N
Furki Tholus 123°36'W 35°54'N
Gabie Rupes 109°54'E 67°30'N
Gabriela Crater 119°36'W 17°48'S
Gahano Crater 77°24'E 80°12'S
Gaia Corona 21°30'E 6°0'N
Gail Crater 97°30'E 16°6'S
Galina Crater 52°54'W 47°36'N
Galindo Crater 101°12'W 23°18'S
Gamsilg Chasma 64°0'E 46°0'S
Ganga Valles 53°0'E 4°48'N
Ganiki Planitia 158°0'W 40°0'N
Ganis Chasma 166°0'W 14°30'N
Garbo Patera 101°48'W 1°30'N
Garland Patera 153°12'W 32°42'N
Gashan-Ki Corona 116°18'W 11°42'N
Gauri Mons 102°12'E 20°12'S
Gautier Crater 42°48'E 26°18'N
Gaze Crater 119°48'W 17°54'N
Gbadu Tessera 38°0'E 1°0'S
Gefjun Corona 98°30'E 33°30'S
Gegute Tessera 121°0'E 17°0'N
Gendenwitha Vallis 101°0'W 63°0'S
Gentileschi Crater 99°24'W 45°12'N
Georgina Crater 58°48'E 20°24'S
Gerd Tholi 68°30'W 54°30'S
Gerda Crater 91°0'E 45°54'N
Germain Crater 63°42'E 37°54'S
Gertjon Corona 84°0'W 30°0'S
Geyaguga Chasma 70°0'E 56°30'S
Giliani Crater 142°6'E 72°54'S
Gillian Crater 50°6'E 15°12'S
Gilmore Crater 132°48'E 6°42'S
Giltine Tesserae 110°0'W 39°0'S
Gina Crater 76°30'E 78°6'N
Giselle Crater 62°0'W 11°48'S
Glaspell Crater 90°24'W 58°24'S
Gloria Crater 94°12'E 68°30'N
Godiva Crater 108°24'W 56°6'S
Goeppert-Mayer Crater 26°48'E 59°42'N
Golubkina Crater 73°30'W 60°18'N
Goncharova Crater 97°42'E 63°0'S
Goppert-Mayer Crater 26°48'E 59°42'N
Grace Crater 91°6'W 13°48'S
Graham Crater 6°0'E 6°0'S
Graham Patera 6°0'E 6°0'S
Gražina Crater 22°30'W 72°24'N
Grechukha Tholi 104°12'W 8°36'S
Greenaway Crater 145°6'E 22°54'N
Gregory Crater 95°48'E 7°6'N
Gretchen Crater 147°42'W 59°42'S
Grey Crater 30°36'W 52°24'S
Grimke Crater 144°42'W 17°12'N
Grizodubova Patera 60°24'W 16°42'N
Guan Daosheng Crater 178°12'W 61°6'S
Gudrun Crater 33°36'W 10°36'N
Gui Ye Chasma 22°54'W 9°0'S
Guilbert Crater 13°36'E 58°0'S
Guinevere Planitia 35°0'W 21°54'N
Gula Mons 0°54'W 21°54'N
Gulaim Fossae 31°0'W 5°0'S
Gulchatay Crater 64°30'W 20°30'N
Gulnara Crater 174°0'E 23°42'S
Gunda Planitia 93°0'W 16°0'S
Guor Linea 0°0'E 20°0'N
Gurshi Mons 58°30'E 47°30'S
Guzel Crater 61°18'W 57°36'S
Gwen Mons 121°18'W 21°24'S
Gwynn Crater 37°12'E 9°42'N
H'uraru Corona 68°0'E 9°0'N
Haasttse-baad Tessera 127°0'E 6°0'N
Habonde Corona 81°48'E 3°0'N
Hadisha Crater 97°12'E 39°0'S
Halima Crater 14°36'E 28°30'N
Halle Crater 145°30'E 19°48'S
Hallgerda Mons 161°42'W 53°6'N
Hamuda Crater 2°30'E 62°54'N
Hanekasa Fossae 148°30'E 29°0'N
Hanghepiwi Chasma 18°0'E 48°30'S
Hanka Crater 114°18'E 27°18'S
Hannah Crater 102°36'E 17°54'N
Hannahannas Corona 170°30'E 0°0'N
Hansberry Crater 35°54'W 22°42'S
Hanwi Chasma 113°0'W 10°30'N
Hapei Crater 178°0'E 66°6'N
Hariasa Linea 15°0'E 19°0'N
Hathor Mons 35°18'W 38°42'S
Hatshepsut Patera 64°30'E 28°6'N
Haumea Corona 21°48'E 54°0'N
Hayashi Crater 116°6'W 53°48'N
Heather Crater 25°54'W 6°48'S
Hecate Chasma 105°42'W 18°12'N
Heidi Crater 9°54'W 23°36'N
Helen Planitia 96°6'W 51°42'S
Helga Crater 116°42'E 10°24'S
Hellman Crater 3°42'W 4°42'N
Helmud Vallis 171°18'E 33°54'S
Heloise Crater 51°54'E 40°0'N
Helvi Crater 82°42'E 12°24'N
Hemera Dorsa 116°36'W 51°0'N
Heng-o Chasma 4°30'W 6°36'N
Heng-o Corona 5°0'W 2°0'N
Henie Crater 146°0'E 51°54'S
Henwen Fluctus 179°54'E 20°30'S
Hepat Corona 145°30'E 2°0'S
Hepworth Crater 94°42'E 5°6'N
Heqet Corona 169°30'E 7°0'N
Hera Dorsa 29°30'E 36°24'N
Hervor Corona 91°0'W 25°30'S
Hestia Rupes 71°6'E 6°0'N
Hiei Chu Patera 97°24'E 48°12'N
Higgins Crater 118°42'W 8°6'N
Hikuleo Fluctus 152°0'W 52°30'N
Hikuleo Tesserae 54°0'E 42°0'S
Hildr Fossa 159°24'E 45°24'N
Hilkka Crater 72°0'E 69°0'S
Himiko Crater 124°18'E 19°0'N
Hina Chasma 20°0'E 63°42'N
Hinemoa Planitia 95°0'W 5°0'N
Hippolyta Linea 15°0'W 42°0'S
Hiriata Crater 23°30'E 15°18'N
Hiromi Crater 72°42'W 35°12'N
Hlineu Corona 119°0'W 38°42'S
Hoku-ao Vallis 166°30'E 28°0'N
Holde Corona 155°48'E 53°30'N
Holiday Crater 12°48'E 46°42'S
Holla Corona 122°18'W 13°0'S
Horner Crater 97°42'E 23°24'N
Howe Crater 174°48'E 45°42'S
Hroswitha Patera 34°48'E 35°48'N
Hsueh T'ao Crater 13°48'E 52°36'S
Hua Mulan Crater 22°18'W 86°48'N
Huang Daopo Crater 165°18'E 54°12'S
Huarei Crater 32°18'E 15°0'N
Hulda Corona 51°42'W 12°0'N
Hull Crater 96°24'W 59°24'N
Humai Tessera 110°0'W 53°0'S
Hurston Crater 94°42'E 77°36'S
Husbishag Tesserae 101°0'E 28°0'S
Hwangcini Crater 141°48'E 6°18'N
Hyndla Regio 65°30'W 22°30'N
Iang-Mdiye Corona 86°0'E 47°0'S
Iaso Tholus 104°42'W 5°12'N
Icheko Crater 97°54'E 6°36'N
Ichikawa Crater 156°18'E 61°36'S
Idem-Kuva Corona 2°0'W 25°0'N
Idunn Mons 145°30'W 46°30'S
Ikhwezi Vallis 147°48'E 16°0'N
Ilaheva Fluctus 84°0'E 42°30'S
Ilbis Fossae 105°24'W 71°54'N
Ilga Crater 52°42'W 12°24'S
Ilithyia Mons 44°30'W 13°30'S
Ilmatar Corona 25°0'E 34°18'N
Ilyana Corona 65°0'E 69°30'S
Imagmi Crater 100°42'E 48°24'S
Imapinua Planitia 142°0'E 60°0'S
Imdr Regio 148°0'W 43°0'S
Inacho Corona 147°48'W 20°30'S
Inanna Corona 35°54'E 37°0'S
Inari Corona 120°18'E 18°0'S
Indira Crater 70°12'W 64°6'N
Indrani Corona 70°30'E 37°30'S
Ines Crater 118°6'W 67°6'S
Inga Crater 133°24'W 38°6'N
Ingrid Crater 51°6'W 12°24'S
Inira Crater 120°36'W 43°6'S
Inkeri Crater 136°6'W 28°18'S
Innini Mons 31°30'W 34°36'S
Iondra Crater 73°30'W 10°30'N
Iraida Crater 108°6'E 27°48'N
Irene Crater 134°0'E 49°48'N
Irina Crater 91°12'E 35°0'N
Irinuca Crater 121°54'E 51°24'N
Iris Dorsa 138°42'W 52°42'N
Irma Crater 122°0'E 50°54'S
Irnini Mons 16°0'E 14°36'N
Isabella Crater 155°48'W 29°48'S
Isako Crater 82°0'W 9°0'S
Iseghey Mons 171°0'E 9°0'N
Ishkus Regio 115°0'W 61°0'S
Ishtar Terra 27°30'E 70°24'N
Isolde Crater 148°6'W 74°30'S
Isong Corona 49°12'E 12°0'N
Istadoy Crater 132°36'E 51°48'S
Itoki Fluctus 131°0'W 6°0'S
Ituana Corona 153°30'E 19°30'N
Itzpapalotl Tessera 42°24'W 75°42'N
Ivka Crater 56°12'W 68°12'N
Ivne Crater 132°48'E 27°0'S
Iweridd Corona 50°0'W 21°0'S
Ix Chel Chasma 73°24'E 10°0'S
Ixcuina Corona 152°30'W 47°30'S
Ixtab Mons 117°48'W 15°42'N
Iyatik Corona 12°30'W 16°30'S
Iyele Dorsa 81°18'W 50°0'N
Izakay Crater 149°12'W 12°18'S
Izudyr Crater 135°12'E 53°54'S
Izumi Patera 166°24'W 50°0'N
Jaantje Crater 123°0'E 46°30'N
Jacqueline Crater 123°36'E 70°6'S
Jadwiga Crater 91°0'E 68°24'N
Jael Mons 120°48'E 51°12'N
Jalgurik Crater 125°6'E 42°18'S
Jamila Crater 134°48'E 45°48'N
Jana Chasma 117°54'E 12°12'S
Jane Crater 55°12'W 60°30'S
Janice Crater 98°6'W 87°18'N
Janina Crater 135°42'E 2°0'S
Janyl Crater 138°48'E 28°0'S
Jarina Corona 165°0'E 13°0'N
Jasmin Crater 61°36'E 15°36'N
Jaszai Patera 55°0'W 32°0'N
Javine Corona 108°48'W 5°30'S
Jeanne Crater 28°30'W 40°6'N
Jennifer Crater 99°48'E 4°36'S
Jerusha Crater 17°18'W 22°0'S
Jex-Blake Crater 169°18'E 65°24'N
Jhirad Crater 105°36'E 16°48'S
Jitka Crater 70°54'E 61°54'S
Jocelyn Crater 83°36'W 33°12'S
Jodi Crater 68°42'E 35°42'S
Johanna Crater 112°42'W 19°30'N
Johnson Crater 105°24'W 51°48'N
Jokwa Linea 150°0'W 17°0'S
Joliot-Curie Crater 62°24'E 1°36'S
Jord Corona 10°30'W 58°30'S
Josefina Crater 32°18'E 44°54'N
Joshee Crater 71°18'W 5°30'N
Jotuni Patera 146°0'W 6°30'S
Juanita Crater 90°0'E 62°48'S
Judith Crater 104°30'E 29°6'S
Juksakka Corona 44°30'E 19°30'S
Julie Crater 117°24'W 51°0'N
Jumaisat Crater 135°36'E 15°6'S
Junkgowa Corona 103°0'W 37°0'N
Juno Chasma 111°6'E 30°30'S
Juno Dorsum 95°36'E 31°0'S
Jurate Colles 153°30'E 56°48'N
Justitia Tholus 63°30'W 28°42'S
Jutrzenka Vallis 155°48'E 27°0'N
Jutta Crater 142°36'E 0°0'N
Juturna Fluctus 10°0'W 76°0'S
Kaapaau Fluctus 179°0'W 66°30'S
Kadlu Dorsa 172°0'W 69°30'S
Kafutchi Crater 16°24'E 26°42'N
Kahlo Crater 178°54'E 59°54'S
Kaikilani Crater 163°12'E 32°48'S
Kaisa Crater 66°42'W 13°30'N
Kaiwan Fluctus 2°0'W 45°30'S
Kala Crater 45°36'W 1°30'N
Kalaipahoa Linea 23°30'W 60°30'S
Kali Mons 29°12'E 9°24'N
Kallistos Vallis 21°30'E 51°6'S
Kalm Dorsa 51°0'W 18°0'N
Kalombo Crater 34°0'E 30°30'S
Kaltash Corona 75°0'E 0°30'N
Kamadhenu Corona 136°30'E 21°0'N
Kamari Dorsa 55°48'E 59°12'N
Kamui-Huci Corona 37°30'W 63°30'S
Kanik Crater 110°6'W 32°30'S
Kanykey Planitia 10°0'W 10°0'S
Kapenopfu Corona 89°0'W 21°42'S
Kara Linea 54°0'W 44°0'S
Karen Crater 17°42'E 12°24'S
Karo Crater 37°12'E 21°54'N
Karra-ma-hte Fossae 18°0'W 28°0'N
Kartini Crater 27°0'W 57°48'N
Kasogonaga Fluctus 92°0'W 18°0'S
Kastiatsi Dorsa 115°0'W 53°0'S
Kastusha Crater 59°54'E 28°36'S
Katieleo Corona 32°30'W 12°30'S
Katl-Imi Mons 126°0'E 69°0'S
Katrya Crater 108°42'E 29°30'S
Katya Crater 74°18'W 57°48'N
Kauffman Crater 27°6'E 49°24'N
Kavtora Crater 23°18'E 59°0'N
Kawelu Planitia 113°30'W 32°48'N
Kayanu-Hime Corona 57°0'E 33°30'N
Kaygus Chasmata 52°6'E 49°36'N
Kelea Crater 25°36'E 8°54'N
Kelila Crater 168°12'W 52°36'N
Keller Patera 86°0'W 45°0'N
Kelly Crater 0°48'W 4°48'S
Kemble Crater 14°54'E 47°42'N
Kenny Crater 88°54'W 44°24'S
Ketzia Crater 59°30'W 3°54'N
Khabuchi Corona 173°0'E 11°0'S
Khadako Crater 139°18'E 54°12'N
Khadne Dorsa 25°30'W 14°0'S
Khafiza Crater 60°48'W 6°0'N
Khalanasy Vallis 168°30'E 51°0'S
Khatun Crater 87°12'E 40°18'N
Khelifa Crater 129°54'E 1°30'S
Khosedem Fossae 57°0'W 13°0'S
Khotal-Ekva Tholi 177°48'E 9°6'S
Khotun Corona 81°30'E 46°30'S
Ki Corona 132°12'W 43°12'N
Kicheda Chasma 147°0'W 2°30'S
Kimitonga Crater 48°18'E 25°6'S
Kimtinh Vallis 67°0'E 46°30'S
Kingsley Crater 53°36'W 22°36'S
Kinsei Vallis 141°0'E 13°36'N
Kiris Crater 98°48'E 20°54'N
Kitna Crater 82°42'W 28°54'S
Klafsky Crater 171°54'W 20°42'S
Klenova Crater 104°30'E 78°6'N
Kodu Crater 21°18'W 0°54'N
Koidula Crater 139°36'E 64°12'N
Koidutäht Vallis 130°0'E 76°30'S
Koinyt Crater 66°48'W 30°54'S
Kokomikeis Chasma 85°0'E 0°0'N
Kokyanwuti Mons 148°0'W 35°30'N
Kolias Corona 152°6'W 16°30'S
Kollado Crater 53°24'E 61°0'S
Kollwitz Crater 133°36'E 25°12'N
Konopnicka Crater 166°36'E 14°30'N
Kosi Crater 54°54'E 43°54'S
Kostroma Coronae 7°36'E 40°36'N
Koti Fluctus 42°0'W 12°30'N
Kotsmanyako Dorsa 118°0'W 76°0'S
Kottauer Patera 39°36'E 36°42'N
Kottravey Chasma 77°54'E 30°30'N
Kov-Ava Chasma 21°48'E 58°48'S
Kozhla-Ava Chasma 50°36'E 56°12'N
Kristina Crater 44°6'W 65°12'S
Kruchina Tesserae 27°0'E 36°0'N
Krumine Corona 98°30'W 5°0'S
Kshumay Mons 58°0'E 54°54'S
Ku-msong Vallis 152°30'E 59°0'S
Kuan-Yin Corona 10°0'E 4°18'S
Kuanja Chasma 99°30'E 12°0'S
Kubebe Corona 132°30'E 15°30'N
Kuldurok Dorsa 61°0'E 50°24'S
Kulimina Corona 98°6'W 27°48'S
Kumang Corona 11°48'E 25°0'N
Kumanyefie Vallis 25°0'W 80°30'S
Kumba Crater 27°18'W 26°18'N
Kumudu Crater 154°6'E 61°18'N
Kunapipi Corona 86°0'E 33°54'S
Kunapipi Mons 86°0'E 33°54'S
Kunhild Corona 80°6'E 19°18'N
Kunkubey Fluctus 153°0'W 50°0'S
Kupo Patera 164°30'W 41°54'S
Kuro Crater 57°36'E 7°48'N
Kurukulla Mons 103°0'E 48°42'N
Kutue Tessera 108°48'E 39°30'N
Kvasha Patera 69°0'E 9°30'S
Kwannon Tholus 63°12'W 26°18'S
Kyen Crater 64°42'E 6°12'S
Kylli Crater 67°0'E 41°6'N
La Fayette Crater 107°36'E 70°12'N
Labé Patera 86°54'W 52°6'N
Lachappelle Crater 23°18'W 26°42'N
Lachesis Tessera 59°54'W 44°24'N
Lada Terra 20°0'E 62°30'S
Lagerlöf Crater 74°48'W 81°12'N
Lahar Mons 162°0'E 14°0'N
Lahevhev Tesserae 171°0'W 29°0'N
Laidamlulum Vallis 151°0'E 73°0'S
Laima Tessera 48°30'E 55°0'N
Laimdota Planitia 117°0'E 58°0'S
Laka Mons 98°0'W 79°54'N
Lakshmi Planum 20°42'W 68°36'N
Lalohonua Corona 109°30'W 24°0'S
Lama Tholus 94°0'W 7°48'N
Lamashtu Mons 172°42'E 2°48'N
Lampedo Linea 67°0'W 62°12'N
Landowska Crater 74°18'E 84°36'N
Langtry Crater 155°0'E 17°0'S
Lanig Mons 91°0'E 68°30'S
Lara Crater 2°54'E 4°12'S
Lasdona Chasma 36°48'E 69°18'N
Latmikaik Corona 123°0'E 64°0'S
Latona Chasma 92°30'W 26°0'N
Latta Corona 73°0'W 38°36'S
Lau-ma Dorsa 169°36'W 64°48'N
Laufey Regio 45°0'W 7°0'N
Laulani Crater 121°12'E 68°12'S
Laura Crater 141°12'E 48°54'N
Laurencin Crater 46°30'E 15°24'S
Laverna Dorsa 132°0'E 50°0'S
Lavinia Planitia 12°30'W 47°18'S
Lazarus Crater 127°12'E 52°54'S
Leah Crater 172°12'W 34°12'S
Lebedeva Crater 49°48'E 45°12'N
Leda Planitia 65°6'E 44°0'N
Ledoux Patera 135°12'W 9°12'S
Lehmann Crater 39°6'E 44°6'S
Leida Crater 93°24'W 23°18'S
Leila Crater 86°48'E 44°12'S
Lemkechen Dorsa 68°30'E 18°30'N
Lena Crater 23°0'E 39°30'N
Lengdin Corona 137°0'W 2°30'N
Lenore Crater 67°48'W 38°42'N
Leona Crater 169°0'E 3°6'S
Leonard Crater 174°48'W 73°48'S
Lesavka Chasma 145°0'W 0°48'S
Leslie Crater 13°30'E 11°12'S
Letitia Crater 71°18'W 34°30'N
Leyster Crater 100°0'W 1°0'N
Lhagva Crater 59°54'W 75°48'S
Lhamo Tessera 15°0'E 51°0'S
Li Qingzhao Crater 94°36'E 23°42'N
Liban Farra 6°30'W 23°54'S
Libby Patera 160°30'W 34°30'S
Libera Corona 24°0'E 12°30'N
Libuše Planitia 70°0'W 60°0'N
Lida Crater 94°30'E 29°12'S
Lida Crater 86°6'W 36°36'N
Likho Tesserae 134°0'E 40°0'N
Lilian Crater 24°0'W 25°36'N
Lilinau Corona 22°0'E 34°0'N
Liliya Crater 31°6'E 30°12'N
Lilwani Corona 88°30'W 29°30'S
Lind Crater 5°0'W 50°12'N
Linda Crater 2°48'E 12°24'S
Lineta Crater 5°54'W 5°0'S
Lisa Crater 178°0'W 29°0'N
Liv Crater 56°6'W 21°6'S
Llorona Planitia 145°0'E 18°0'N
Lo Shen Valles 89°36'E 12°48'S
Loan Crater 60°0'E 28°18'N
Lockwood Crater 51°36'E 32°54'S
Lois Crater 145°18'W 17°54'S
Lonsdale Crater 137°36'W 55°36'N
Loo-Wit Mons 56°0'E 59°30'S
Lorelei Crater 116°6'W 55°42'N
Loretta Crater 157°24'W 19°42'S
Lotta Crater 24°6'W 51°6'N
Louhi Planitia 120°30'E 80°30'N
Lowana Planitia 98°0'E 43°0'N
Lu Zhi Crater 56°36'W 42°36'S
Lucia Crater 67°48'E 62°6'S
Ludjatako Corona 109°30'W 12°30'S
Ludjatako Mons 109°0'W 12°0'S
Lukelong Dorsa 178°48'E 73°18'N
Lullin Crater 81°18'E 23°0'N
Lumimuut Corona 125°30'W 11°30'S
Lumo Dorsa 149°0'E 24°30'N
Lunang Vallis 50°0'W 68°12'N
Lusaber Vallis 164°0'E 47°30'S
Lydia Crater 19°18'W 10°42'N
Lyon Crater 89°24'W 66°30'S
Lyuba Crater 76°6'W 1°36'N
Lyudmila Crater 30°18'W 62°6'N
Ma Corona 57°0'E 22°30'S
Ma Shouzhen Crater 92°30'E 35°42'S
Maa-Ema Corona 102°30'E 40°48'N
Maa-Ling Crater 0°30'W 14°42'S
Maat Mons 165°24'W 0°30'N
MacDonald Crater 120°42'E 30°0'N
Madalait Corona 153°36'W 37°36'N
Madderakka Corona 44°30'W 9°0'N
Madeleine Crater 66°48'W 4°42'S
Madina Crater 58°0'E 22°42'N
Mae Crater 14°48'W 40°30'S
Mafdet Tessera 38°30'E 9°12'N
Magda Crater 30°18'W 67°0'N
Magdalena Crater 48°42'E 11°12'S
Magnani Crater 22°48'W 58°36'N
Mago-Halmi Tesserae 157°0'E 70°0'N
Magu Tessera 55°0'W 52°0'S
Magura Fossae 27°30'W 12°0'S
Mahina Crater 177°48'W 2°0'S
Mahuea Tholus 164°42'E 37°30'S
Makh Corona 85°0'E 48°42'S
Makola Crater 106°42'E 3°48'S
Malibran Patera 135°24'W 18°24'S
Malintzin Patera 81°30'E 57°0'N
Maltby Crater 119°42'E 23°18'S
Mama-Allpa Corona 31°0'E 27°0'S
Mamajan Crater 102°42'W 65°6'S
Mamapacha Fluctus 175°0'W 60°0'N
Mamitu Tesserae 44°0'E 22°0'N
Manatum Tessera 64°0'E 4°0'S
Mansa Crater 63°24'E 33°54'S
Mansfield Patera 132°30'W 29°30'N
Manto Fossae 64°54'E 63°36'N
Manton Crater 26°54'E 9°18'N
Manzan-Gurme Tesserae 0°30'W 39°0'N
Manzolini Crater 91°18'E 25°36'N
Marake Colles 142°12'W 55°42'N
Maram Corona 138°30'W 7°30'S
Maranda Crater 169°42'E 4°54'N
Mardezh-Ava Dorsa 68°36'E 32°24'N
Marere Crater 65°48'E 19°36'N
Maret Crater 79°48'W 33°18'S
Margarita Crater 9°12'E 12°42'N
Margit Crater 86°54'W 60°6'N
Mari Corona 151°0'E 54°0'N
Maria Celeste Crater 140°24'E 23°24'N
Marianne Crater 2°0'W 9°18'N
Marie Crater 127°36'W 21°42'S
Mariko Crater 132°54'E 23°18'S
Markham Crater 155°36'E 4°6'S
Marsh Crater 46°36'E 63°36'S
Martinez Crater 174°42'E 11°42'S
Martuv Vallis 156°0'E 23°0'N
Marysya Crater 75°6'E 53°18'N
Marzhan Crater 111°42'W 58°54'S
Marzyana Corona 67°30'E 53°0'S
Masako Crater 53°12'E 30°12'S
Masateotl Corona 116°0'W 53°0'S
Masha Crater 88°0'E 63°0'N
Masha Crater 88°30'E 60°42'N
Maslenitsa Corona 157°30'W 77°0'N
Matahina Crater 65°54'E 72°18'S
Matlalcue Vallis 167°30'E 33°0'S
Maurea Crater 69°6'E 39°30'S
Mawu Corona 118°42'W 31°42'N
Maxwell Montes 3°18'E 65°12'N
May-Enensi Corona 68°0'E 42°30'S
Maya Corona 98°0'E 23°0'N
Mayauel Corona 154°0'E 27°30'S
Mbokomu Mons 144°48'W 15°6'S
Mbul'di Crater 74°42'E 23°48'N
Mead Crater 57°12'E 12°30'N
Medb Fluctus 127°0'E 56°0'S
Medeina Chasma 89°18'E 46°12'N
Medhavi Crater 40°36'E 19°24'S
Megan Crater 130°36'E 61°48'S
Mehseti Patera 49°0'W 16°0'N
Meiboia Tholus 78°42'W 44°42'S
Meitner Crater 38°24'W 55°36'S
Melanie Crater 144°18'E 62°48'S
Melanka Crater 19°12'E 34°24'N
Melba Crater 166°30'W 4°42'N
Melia Mons 119°18'E 62°48'N
Melina Crater 40°30'W 69°54'S
Mem Loimis Mons 151°0'W 9°30'N
Mena Colles 160°0'E 52°30'S
Menat Undae 20°36'W 24°48'S
Meni Tessera 77°54'E 48°6'N
Menkerot Dorsa 8°30'W 20°0'S
Mentha Mons 122°42'W 43°0'N
Mentha Tholus 122°42'W 43°0'N
Merak Vallis 162°0'E 63°30'S
Meredith Crater 81°6'W 14°30'S
Merian Crater 76°18'E 34°30'N
Merisa Fluctus 9°0'E 20°30'N
Merit Ptah Crater 115°36'E 11°24'N
Mert Fluctus 129°30'W 50°30'S
Mertseger Mons 89°42'W 38°6'S
Mesca Corona 17°24'W 27°0'N
Meskhent Tessera 103°6'E 65°48'N
Metelitsa Dorsa 31°0'E 16°0'N
Metis Regio 108°12'W 70°54'N
Metra Corona 97°42'E 26°0'N
Mežas-Mate Chasma 50°42'E 51°0'N
Mezrina Patera 68°48'E 33°18'S
Michelle Crater 40°30'E 19°36'S
Mielikki Mons 79°30'W 27°48'S
Migazesh Colles 162°0'W 49°0'S
Mikhaylova Patera 11°48'W 26°48'S
Milda Mons 159°24'E 52°30'N
Mildred Crater 11°42'W 51°42'S
Millay Crater 111°12'E 24°24'N
Minerva Fossae 107°30'W 64°30'N
Minu-Anni Tessera 30°0'E 20°0'S
Miovasu Crater 99°54'E 72°6'N
Mirabeau Crater 75°42'W 1°6'N
Miralaidji Corona 163°48'E 14°0'S
Miriam Crater 48°12'E 36°30'N
Mirizir Corona 175°0'W 66°24'S
Misne Chasma 43°30'W 78°18'N
Mist Chasma 112°42'W 39°30'N
Mist Fossae 112°42'W 39°30'N
Miti Corona 100°12'W 3°30'S
Mnemosyne Regio 82°6'W 65°48'N
Modron Corona 23°6'E 32°48'N
Moira Tessera 49°30'W 58°42'N
Mokosha Mons 105°0'W 57°42'N
Molpadia Linea 5°0'W 48°0'S
Molpe Colles 168°0'W 76°0'N
Momu Coronae 139°42'W 21°0'S
Mona Lisa Crater 25°6'E 25°36'N
Monika Crater 122°24'E 72°18'N
Monoshi Tholus 108°0'W 37°42'S
Montagu Crater 177°42'E 36°54'N
Montessori Crater 80°0'W 59°24'N
Montez Crater 93°30'W 17°54'N
Moombi Corona 124°30'W 64°30'S
Moore Crater 111°36'W 30°24'S
Morana Chasma 24°36'E 68°54'N
Morisot Crater 148°42'W 61°12'S
Morongo Valles 111°24'E 20°0'S
Morrigan Linea 49°0'W 54°30'S
Mortim-Ekva Fluctus 26°0'W 1°0'N
Mosaido Crater 75°12'E 17°18'N
Moses Crater 119°54'E 34°36'N
Mots Chasma 56°6'E 51°54'N
Mou-nyamy Corona 59°0'E 49°30'S
Mowatt Crater 67°42'W 14°36'S
Mu Guiying Crater 81°0'E 41°12'N
Mugazo Planitia 60°0'E 69°0'S
Muhongo Mons 174°30'E 10°36'N
Mukhina Crater 0°30'E 29°30'N
Mukylchin Corona 46°0'E 12°30'S
Mumtaz-Mahal Crater 131°36'W 30°18'N
Munter Crater 39°18'E 15°18'S
Muriel Crater 12°24'E 41°42'S
Muru Tholus 54°30'W 9°0'S
Muta Mons 1°42'W 55°30'N
Muzamuza Corona 154°36'W 65°36'N
Mykh-Imi Corona 99°0'E 73°0'S
Mylitta Fluctus 4°30'W 54°0'S
Naatse-elit Dorsa 111°0'W 66°0'S
Nabuzana Corona 47°0'E 8°30'S
Nadeyka Crater 54°42'W 54°48'S
Nadia Crater 0°36'E 27°54'S
Nadine Crater 0°54'W 7°48'N
Nadira Crater 158°30'W 44°6'N
Nagavonyi Corona 101°0'W 18°30'S
Naguchitsa Fossae 159°18'E 35°36'S
Nahas-tsan Mons 155°0'W 14°0'N
Nahete Colles 119°0'W 38°0'N
Nahid Valles 171°0'E 55°6'S
Naijok Fossae 23°0'W 70°12'S
Nakai Crater 73°48'W 61°0'S
Nalkowska Crater 70°0'W 28°6'N
Nalkuta Crater 52°12'W 30°6'N
Nalwanga Corona 113°0'W 48°42'N
Nambi Dorsum 147°0'W 72°30'S
Nambubi Fluctus 135°0'E 61°0'S
Namiko Crater 56°12'E 43°24'N
Namjyalma Fossae 2°42'E 2°30'N
Nammu Farra 169°24'E 2°18'N
Nana Crater 75°24'E 49°48'N
Nana-Buluku Coronae 14°0'E 39°24'N
Nanen Corona 161°30'W 69°54'N
Nang Pao Corona 155°30'W 47°0'S
Nang-byon Chasma 43°30'W 4°0'N
Nanichi Crater 22°12'W 44°48'S
Nantosuelta Vallis 167°0'W 61°54'S
Naomi Crater 70°18'E 6°0'N
Naotsete Corona 110°30'W 58°18'S
Naran Dorsa 122°0'W 54°0'S
Narina Tholi 80°0'E 25°48'S
Narundi Fossae 31°0'W 66°30'S
Nastya Crater 84°12'W 49°0'S
Natalia Crater 87°6'W 67°6'N
Natami Dorsa 102°0'W 71°30'S
Naunet Fluctus 136°0'E 81°0'S
Navka Planitia 42°24'W 8°6'S
Navolga Corona 63°30'W 48°36'S
Nayunuwi Montes 83°0'E 2°0'N
Nazit Mons 120°0'W 22°30'N
Ndara Tholus 16°0'E 57°30'S
Ndella Crater 60°42'E 15°54'S
Ndoi Corona 129°42'W 20°18'S
Ne Ngam Mons 102°30'W 43°0'S
Neago Fluctus 9°0'W 49°18'N
Neda Crater 46°30'W 16°42'N
Nedko Crater 42°24'W 8°48'S
Nedolya Tesserae 66°0'W 5°0'N
Neegyauks Tholus 160°0'W 68°36'S
Neeltje Crater 124°24'E 12°24'N
Nefertiti Corona 48°12'E 35°54'N
Nehalennia Corona 10°0'E 14°0'N
Nei-Teukez Corona 101°12'W 14°12'N
Nekhebet Fluctus 35°0'E 0°0'N
Nelike Crater 30°48'W 26°48'S
Němcová Crater 125°6'E 5°54'N
Nemesis Tesserae 179°0'W 40°0'N
Nephele Dorsa 138°48'E 39°42'N
Nepra Vallis 24°12'E 1°24'N
Nepret Corona 6°48'E 52°42'N
Nepthys Mons 42°30'W 33°0'S
Neringa Regio 72°0'W 65°0'S
Nertus Tholus 112°6'W 61°12'N
Nevelson Crater 52°12'W 35°18'S
Ney-Anki Fluctus 105°0'E 37°0'S
Neyterkob Corona 155°18'W 49°42'N
Ngaio Crater 61°48'E 53°18'S
Ngone Crater 28°6'W 6°0'N
Ngyandu Vallis 12°0'E 62°0'S
Nichka Dorsa 6°0'W 10°0'S
Nicole Crater 100°42'W 48°24'N
Nightingale Corona 129°30'E 63°36'N
Nightingale Crater 132°0'E 62°0'N
Nijinskaya Crater 122°30'E 25°48'N
Nijole Mons 175°0'W 45°0'N
Nike Fossae 20°0'W 59°30'S
Nikolaeva Patera 92°30'W 33°54'N
Nilanti Crater 28°36'W 38°12'S
Nilsson Crater 82°24'W 75°54'S
Nimba Corona 155°30'W 32°48'N
Nin Crater 93°36'W 3°54'S
Nina Crater 121°18'W 55°30'S
Ningal Undae 60°42'E 9°0'N
Ningyo Fluctus 154°0'W 5°30'S
Ninhursag Corona 23°30'E 38°0'S
Ninisinna Mons 162°30'W 25°42'N
Ninkarraka Corona 139°0'W 65°18'N
Ninmah Corona 49°0'E 16°30'N
Nintu Corona 123°30'E 19°12'N
Ninzi Crater 28°18'W 15°54'N
Niobe Planitia 112°18'E 21°0'N
Nipa Tholus 104°18'W 8°24'N
Nirmali Corona 172°18'E 6°18'S
Nishtigri Corona 72°0'E 24°30'S
Nissaba Corona 4°30'W 25°30'N
Nofret Crater 107°48'W 58°48'S
Nokomis Montes 171°0'W 20°0'N
Nomeda Crater 55°30'E 49°12'S
Nommo Valles 87°18'E 40°42'S
Nordenflycht Patera 94°0'W 35°0'S
Noreen Crater 22°42'E 33°36'N
Noriko Crater 1°42'W 5°18'S
Norna Tesserae 97°0'W 50°0'S
Norterma Tholus 172°0'W 77°0'S
North Pole 90°
Nortia Tesserae 160°0'E 49°0'S
Norwan Dorsa 163°0'E 65°0'N
Nott Corona 158°0'W 32°18'S
Nsele Crater 64°12'E 6°42'N
Nsomeka Planitia 165°0'W 53°0'S
Nuahine Tessera 157°0'E 9°0'S
Nuliayoq Colles 136°0'W 48°0'N
Nungui Corona 114°48'W 42°30'S
Nuon Crater 23°24'W 78°36'N
Nuptadi Planitia 110°0'W 73°0'S
Nuriet Crater 114°24'W 20°36'N
Nutsa Crater 18°48'W 27°30'N
Nuvakchin Dorsa 148°0'W 53°0'S
Nyakaio Vallis 21°0'W 47°30'N
Nyal'ga Crater 64°30'E 17°0'N
Nyele Crater 41°36'W 22°42'S
Nyogari Crater 53°36'W 46°24'S
Nyx Mons 48°30'E 30°0'N
Nzambi Corona 72°30'W 45°0'S
Nzingha Corona 154°18'W 68°42'N
Nzingha Patera 154°18'W 68°42'N
O'Connor Crater 143°54'E 26°0'S
O'Keeffe Crater 131°12'W 24°30'N
Oakley Crater 49°30'W 29°18'S
Oanuava Corona 104°30'W 32°30'S
Obasi-Nsi Corona 69°0'W 53°30'S
Obiemi Corona 83°24'W 31°54'S
Obilukha Corona 19°0'E 81°30'S
Obukhova Crater 70°18'W 70°42'N
Odarka Crater 138°12'E 40°48'N
Oddibjord Tessera 85°0'E 82°0'N
Odikha Crater 121°54'W 41°36'S
Odilia Crater 159°48'W 81°12'N
Oduduwa Corona 148°30'W 11°0'S
Odzerchen Dorsa 152°0'E 72°0'S
Ogulbek Crater 145°0'E 2°24'N
Ohogetsu Corona 85°42'E 27°0'S
Oilule Fluctus 79°0'E 22°0'S
Oivit Crater 164°30'W 73°54'S
Ojuz Dorsa 37°0'E 6°0'N
Okhin-Tengri Corona 40°0'E 70°30'S
Okipeta Dorsa 120°0'W 67°30'N
Oksana Crater 8°0'W 11°54'N
Oku Crater 127°48'W 64°12'S
Olapa Chasma 151°30'W 42°0'S
Olena Crater 149°0'E 10°54'N
Olesnicka Crater 149°6'W 18°18'N
Olesya Crater 86°42'W 5°36'N
Olga Crater 76°12'W 26°6'N
Olivia Crater 152°6'W 37°12'N
Olokun Vallis 91°0'W 81°30'N
Olosa Colles 6°42'W 18°0'N
Olwen Corona 67°30'E 37°30'N
Olya Crater 68°12'W 51°24'N
Oma Crater 30°54'W 42°42'S
Omeciuatl Corona 119°0'E 16°30'N
Omosi-Mama Corona 54°0'W 64°30'N
Omutnitsa Vallis 68°0'W 33°0'N
Onatah Corona 5°30'E 49°0'N
Onenhste Corona 138°30'W 19°0'S
Ongwuti Mons 165°30'W 2°0'S
Onissya Crater 150°12'E 25°36'S
Opika Crater 151°54'E 57°6'S
Ops Corona 89°0'E 68°48'N
Orczy Crater 52°18'E 3°42'N
Orguk Crater 161°48'W 23°30'S
Orlette Crater 166°42'W 68°6'S
Orlova Crater 125°0'W 56°30'N
Ortensia Crater 155°42'E 7°36'N
Oshalche Crater 155°30'E 29°42'N
Oshumare Dorsa 79°0'E 58°30'S
Oshun Farra 19°18'E 4°12'N
Osipenko Crater 39°0'W 71°12'N
Otafuku Tholi 46°18'E 28°42'N
Otau Corona 61°18'W 67°48'N
Ottavia Crater 172°54'W 47°30'S
Otygen Corona 30°30'E 57°0'S
Outi Crater 92°18'W 61°36'N
Ovda Fluctus 95°30'E 6°6'S
Ovda Regio 85°36'E 2°48'S
Oya Dorsa 157°30'E 21°30'N
Ozza Mons 159°0'W 4°30'N
Pachamama Corona 21°48'E 36°0'S
Padma Tholi 68°18'E 34°42'S
Pahto Mons 114°30'E 64°30'S
Paige Crater 24°36'E 1°12'S
Pajan Yan Tholus 107°48'W 8°18'N
Pamela Crater 121°30'W 11°0'N
Pandrosos Dorsa 152°18'W 58°12'N
Pani Corona 128°30'W 19°54'N
Panina Patera 50°12'W 13°0'S
Paoro Tholi 92°0'W 10°30'N
Parga Chasmata 105°0'W 20°0'S
Parishan Crater 146°30'E 0°12'S
Parma Corona 17°30'E 44°30'N
Parra Crater 78°30'E 20°30'N
Parvina Crater 153°0'E 62°12'S
Pasha Crater 156°18'E 42°42'N
Pasom-mana Tesserae 49°0'E 33°0'S
Pasu-Ava Corona 41°0'W 29°0'N
Pat Crater 97°24'W 2°54'N
Patimat Crater 156°30'E 1°18'S
Patti Crater 58°24'W 35°0'N
Pavlinka Crater 158°42'E 25°30'S
Pavlova Corona 38°54'E 14°18'N
Pavlova Crater 39°12'E 14°36'N
Payne-Gaposchkin Patera 164°0'W 25°30'S
Pazar-ana Corona 145°12'W 3°12'S
Pchilka Patera 126°0'W 26°30'N
Peck Crater 65°42'W 28°54'S
Peggy Crater 2°48'W 20°24'S
Peña Crater 169°24'W 23°36'S
Penardun Linea 16°0'W 54°0'S
Penthesilea Fossa 146°0'W 12°0'S
Perchta Corona 125°30'W 17°0'N
Persephone Corona 55°24'W 36°0'S
Perunitsa Fossae 53°0'W 10°0'S
Perynya Tholus 6°48'W 0°42'S
Phaedra Crater 107°18'W 35°54'N
Philomena Crater 151°54'E 40°42'S
Phoebe Regio 77°12'W 6°0'S
Phra Naret Corona 150°24'W 66°36'S
Phryne Crater 45°18'W 46°12'S
Phyllis Crater 132°24'E 12°18'N
Piaf Crater 5°18'E 0°48'N
Pinga Chasma 73°0'W 20°0'S
Pioneer Venus 2
day probe
Spacecraft -43°0'E 31°18'S
Pioneer Venus 2
large probe
Spacecraft -56°0'E 4°24'N
Pioneer Venus 2
night probe
Spacecraft 56°42'E 28°42'S
Pioneer Venus 2
north probe
Spacecraft 4°48'E 59°18'N
Piret Crater 41°42'E 37°48'N
Pirkko Crater 105°24'W 44°48'N
Piscopia Crater 169°6'W 1°30'N
Pocahontas Patera 49°24'E 64°54'N
Podaga Tholus 2°0'E 56°18'S
Polenova Crater 24°30'W 45°30'S
Polik-mana Mons 96°0'W 24°30'N
Polina Crater 148°12'E 42°24'N
Pölöznitsa Corona 58°0'W 0°30'N
Poludnitsa Dorsa 179°30'E 5°0'N
Pomona Corona 60°36'W 79°18'N
Ponmakya Corona 11°48'E 34°18'N
Ponselle Crater 70°54'W 63°0'S
Poranica Valles 178°30'E 21°0'S
Potanina Crater 53°6'E 31°36'N
Potter Crater 50°54'W 7°12'N
Praurime Fluctus 154°0'E 16°0'N
Prichard Crater 11°30'E 44°0'N
Prthivi Corona 111°30'W 10°48'N
Ptesanwi Mons 45°24'E 2°48'N
Pugos Corona 25°0'W 19°0'S
Puhioia Crater 69°24'E 20°36'N
Pulugu Dorsa 135°0'W 65°0'S
Purandhi Corona 16°30'W 26°6'N
Purev Crater 46°24'E 31°6'S
Pychik Crater 33°48'E 62°24'S
Qakma Corona 152°54'W 35°30'N
Qarlygha Crater 162°54'E 33°0'S
Qetesh Corona 16°30'W 20°30'S
Quetzalpetlatl Corona 3°0'W 68°0'S
Quilla Chasma 127°18'E 23°42'S
Quimby Crater 76°42'E 5°42'S
Qulzhan Crater 165°24'E 23°30'N
Quslu Crater 166°48'E 6°12'N
Rabie Chasma 93°0'W 10°30'S
Rabzhima Corona 11°0'E 4°54'N
Rachel Crater 13°30'E 48°42'S
Radhika Crater 166°24'E 30°18'S
Radka Crater 96°18'E 75°36'N
Radmila Crater 167°0'E 69°6'N
Radunitsa Labyrinthus 8°42'W 8°54'S
Rae Crater 58°24'E 8°54'S
Rafara Fluctus 159°0'E 65°0'S
Rafiga Crater 175°36'E 62°54'N
Ragana Dorsa 114°0'W 69°0'S
Raisa Crater 79°42'W 27°30'N
Rakapila Mons 38°30'W 43°42'S
Raki Crater 70°0'E 49°24'S
Ralk-umgu Chasma 106°0'E 15°0'S
Rampyari Crater 179°18'E 50°36'N
Ran Colles 163°0'E 1°0'N
Rananeida Corona 96°30'W 62°36'N
Rand Crater 59°30'E 63°48'S
Rangrid Fossae 3°36'W 62°42'N
Rani Crater 160°24'E 64°6'N
Raskova Paterae 137°12'W 51°0'S
Rauni Corona 88°6'W 40°48'N
Raymonde Crater 168°30'W 48°24'N
Razia Patera 162°12'W 46°12'N
Rebecca Crater 5°24'E 12°6'S
Recamier Crater 58°6'E 12°36'S
Regina Crater 147°18'E 30°0'N
Reiko Crater 167°54'W 22°36'N
Reitia Chasma 100°0'E 51°30'S
Renenti Corona 33°48'W 32°42'N
Renpet Mons 123°48'W 76°0'N
Repa Corona 141°12'W 13°0'S
Retno Crater 167°42'W 52°54'S
Rhea Mons 77°48'W 32°24'N
Rhoda Crater 12°18'W 11°24'N
Rhpisunt Mons 58°30'W 2°30'N
Rhys Crater 61°12'W 8°36'N
Richards Crater 163°54'W 2°30'N
Rigatona Corona 81°30'W 33°30'S
Riley Crater 72°30'E 14°6'N
Rind Corona 112°30'W 8°12'N
Rita Crater 25°12'W 71°0'N
Rogneda Patera 139°30'W 2°48'S
Rohina Tholus 64°36'W 40°36'S
Rokapi Dorsa 138°0'W 55°0'S
Romanskaya Crater 178°24'E 23°12'N
Romi-Kumi Corona 180°0'E 81°12'S
Romola Crater 54°12'E 9°18'N
Roptyna Crater 28°54'E 62°12'N
Rosa Bonheur Crater 71°12'W 9°42'N
Rose Crater 111°48'W 35°12'S
Rosmerta Corona 124°30'E 0°0'N
Rosna Tholi 73°18'E 25°30'S
Rossetti Crater 6°24'E 57°0'N
Rowena Crater 171°24'E 10°24'N
Roxanna Crater 25°24'W 26°30'N
Royle Crater 166°18'W 32°42'S
Ruad Colles 118°0'E 68°0'S
Rudneva Crater 174°42'E 78°24'N
Rufina Crater 164°54'W 74°36'S
Ruit Crater 72°54'E 25°30'S
Runak Crater 163°42'W 58°30'S
Rusalka Planitia 170°6'E 9°48'N
Ruslanova Crater 16°36'E 83°54'N
Ruth Crater 19°54'E 43°18'N
Rzhanitsa Corona 145°24'W 17°36'S
Sabin Crater 85°18'W 38°30'S
Sabira Crater 120°6'W 5°48'S
Sacajawea Patera 24°36'W 64°18'N
Sachs Patera 25°48'W 49°6'N
Safarmo Crater 161°24'E 10°48'S
Saga Vallis 19°24'W 76°6'N
Saida Crater 58°0'W 28°12'N
Sakwap-mana Mons 140°30'W 35°0'N
Salika Crater 97°42'E 5°0'S
Salme Dorsa 25°12'E 58°0'N
Salofa Colles 167°0'E 63°0'S
Salus Tessera 48°30'E 1°30'S
Samantha Crater 78°18'W 45°36'N
Samdzimari Corona 20°30'W 11°0'S
Samintang Crater 80°42'E 39°0'S
Samodiva Mons 69°0'W 13°36'N
Samsing Corona 130°30'W 23°48'S
Samundra Vallis 12°54'W 24°6'S
Sand Corona 15°30'E 41°42'N
Sand Patera 15°30'E 41°42'N
Sandel Crater 148°18'W 45°42'S
Sandi Crater 44°54'W 68°6'S
Sandugach Crater 143°30'E 59°54'N
Sanger Crater 71°24'W 33°48'N
Sanija Crater 109°0'W 33°6'N
Santa Corona 72°0'W 34°30'S
Saodat Crater 15°24'W 2°54'S
Sapas Mons 171°42'W 8°30'N
Sappho Patera 16°30'E 14°6'N
Sarah Crater 1°48'E 42°24'S
Sarpanitum Corona 14°36'E 52°18'S
Sartika Crater 67°0'E 63°24'S
Sarykyz Linea 160°0'W 77°18'S
Sasha Crater 82°42'W 38°18'N
Saskia Crater 22°54'W 28°36'S
Sati Vallis 25°36'W 3°12'N
Saule Dorsa 154°0'W 58°0'S
Saunau Corona 173°0'E 1°18'S
Sayers Crater 130°12'W 67°30'S
Saykal Fossae 139°0'E 73°0'N
Sayligul Crater 172°54'E 73°36'N
Scarpellini Crater 34°36'E 23°12'S
Schumann-Heink Corona 145°30'W 74°18'N
Schumann-Heink Patera 145°30'W 74°18'N
Sedna Planitia 19°18'W 42°42'N
Seia Corona 153°0'E 3°0'S
Seiko Crater 143°24'W 21°0'S
Seiusi Corona 119°0'W 62°0'S
Sekmet Mons 119°30'W 44°30'N
Sel-Anya Dorsa 81°18'E 79°24'N
Selma Crater 155°54'E 68°30'N
Selu Corona 6°0'E 42°30'S
Semele Tholi 157°6'W 64°18'N
Semiramus Corona 67°0'W 37°0'S
Semuni Dorsa 8°0'E 75°54'N
Senectus Tesserae 68°0'W 50°0'N
Seo-Ne Chasma 26°0'E 63°30'S
Seoritsu Farra 11°0'E 30°0'S
Sephira Mons 28°0'E 43°0'S
Serova Patera 113°0'W 20°0'N
Seseg Crater 47°24'W 36°18'S
Seshat Mons 33°12'E 26°18'N
Sévigné Crater 33°30'W 52°36'N
Seymour Crater 33°30'W 18°12'N
Sezibwa Vallis 37°0'E 44°0'S
Shait Tessera 173°30'E 54°0'S
Shakira Crater 146°24'W 3°0'N
Shala Mons 152°0'W 39°24'N
Shamiram Tholus 24°48'W 6°54'S
Shasenem Crater 101°6'W 44°0'S
Sheila Crater 50°12'E 19°54'N
Shelikhova Patera 162°30'E 75°42'S
Shih Mai-Yu Crater 41°6'W 18°24'N
Shimti Tessera 97°42'E 31°54'N
Shirley Crater 55°24'E 31°30'N
Shishimora Dorsa 63°0'W 37°0'N
Shiwanokia Corona 80°12'W 42°0'S
Sholpan Vallis 150°0'E 63°54'S
Shulamite Corona 75°42'W 38°48'S
Shulzhenko Patera 95°30'W 6°30'N
Shushan Crater 70°12'E 43°48'S
Shyv-Amashe Corona 63°0'E 57°0'S
Sicasica Fluctus 179°36'W 52°0'S
Siddons Crater 19°24'W 61°36'N
Siddons Patera 19°24'W 61°36'N
Sidney Crater 160°24'W 13°24'N
Siduri Mons 62°42'W 42°18'S
Sif Mons 7°36'W 22°0'N
Sige Dorsa 106°54'E 31°12'N
Sigrid Crater 45°36'W 63°36'N
Sigrun Fossae 18°0'E 50°30'N
Siksaup Dorsa 132°0'W 73°0'S
Silvia Corona 4°18'W 12°36'N
Simbya Crater 130°0'E 74°24'S
Simone Crater 82°0'E 59°30'N
Simonenko Crater 97°36'E 26°54'S
Simoting Corona 21°30'E 41°12'N
Sinanevt Dorsa 171°0'E 66°30'N
Sinann Vallis 90°0'W 49°0'S
Sinlaku Corona 99°42'W 17°18'N
Sirani Crater 129°36'W 31°30'S
Sirona Dorsa 166°30'W 43°30'S
Sitapi Coronae 113°12'W 36°30'S
Sith Corona 176°30'E 10°12'S
Sitwell Crater 169°36'W 16°36'N
Skadi Mons 4°0'E 64°0'N
Snegurochka Planitia 32°0'W 86°36'N
Snotra Tesserae 134°0'E 24°0'N
Sobra Fluctus 112°0'W 6°0'N
Sogbo Dorsa 123°0'W 40°0'S
Sogolon Planitia 107°0'E 8°0'N
Solace Crater 42°48'W 35°54'N
Somagalags Corona 11°30'W 9°18'N
Somagalags Montes 11°30'W 9°18'N
Sonmunde Fluctus 120°0'E 60°0'S
Sopdet Tesserae 117°0'W 45°0'S
Sophia Crater 18°48'E 28°36'S
South Pole 0°0'E 90°0'S
Sovadi Crater 134°30'W 44°48'S
Spandarmat Mons 105°0'W 16°30'S
Spidola Dorsa 35°0'W 73°30'S
Stanton Crater 160°42'W 23°18'S
Stefania Crater 26°42'W 51°18'N
Stein Crater 14°30'W 30°6'S
Steinbach Crater 103°6'W 41°24'S
Stina Crater 22°48'E 37°24'N
Stopes Patera 46°30'E 42°36'N
Storni Crater 114°24'W 9°48'S
Stowe Crater 126°48'W 43°12'S
Strenia Fluctus 110°0'W 41°0'N
Stuart Crater 20°12'E 30°48'S
Su-Anasy Corona 39°0'E 78°0'S
Sudenitsa Tesserae 90°0'W 33°0'N
Sudice Tessera 112°0'E 37°0'S
Sui-ur Linea 100°0'W 61°0'S
Suliko Crater 145°24'W 9°36'N
Sulis Corona 14°12'E 44°18'N
Sullivan Crater 110°54'E 1°24'S
Sumerla Tholi 107°48'W 13°48'S
Sunna Dorsa 134°0'E 53°0'S
Sunrta Corona 11°42'E 8°18'N
Surija Crater 178°12'E 5°18'N
Surupa Dorsa 151°0'W 71°42'N
Sus-Khotin Corona 119°0'W 54°0'S
Susanna Crater 93°18'E 6°0'N
Sutkatyn Chasmata 11°0'E 64°0'S
Sveta Crater 86°48'W 82°30'N
Syvne Fluctus 72°0'E 36°0'S
T'ien Hu Colles 15°6'E 30°42'N
Ta'urua Vallis 112°30'W 80°12'S
Tacoma Corona 72°0'W 37°0'S
Tadaka Corona 149°30'W 4°0'S
Taglioni Crater 122°36'E 41°42'N
Tahia Crater 73°42'E 44°18'N
Tahmina Planitia 80°0'E 23°0'S
Tai Shan Corona 95°0'E 32°30'S
Tai-pe Valles 156°30'E 11°0'N
Taira Crater 63°12'W 1°36'S
Tako Crater 74°42'W 25°6'N
Takus Mana Corona 14°42'W 19°36'S
Talakin Mons 4°36'W 11°0'S
Talvikki Crater 22°0'E 41°54'N
Tamara Crater 42°48'W 61°36'N
Tamfana Corona 6°0'E 36°18'S
Tamiyo Corona 61°30'W 36°0'S
Tan-yondozo Vallis 87°0'E 41°30'S
Tangba Corona 102°0'W 47°0'S
Tanya Crater 77°18'W 19°18'S
Tapati Vallis 56°0'W 27°0'N
Taranga Corona 108°30'W 16°30'N
Tarbell Patera 8°30'W 58°12'S
Tari Pennu Corona 95°42'W 0°18'N
Tatyana Crater 147°36'W 85°24'N
Taussig Crater 131°0'W 9°12'S
Tawera Vallis 67°30'E 11°36'S
Teasdale Patera 170°54'W 67°36'S
Tefnut Mons 56°0'W 38°36'S
Tehina Crater 76°24'E 30°24'S
Tekarohi Crater 76°24'E 21°12'N
Tellervo Chasma 125°0'E 60°0'S
Tellus Tessera 76°48'E 42°36'N
Temou Crater 83°24'E 10°0'S
Tenisheva Patera 105°12'W 1°24'S
Tepev Mons 44°18'E 29°0'N
Teresa Crater 10°0'E 42°30'S
Terhi Crater 106°54'W 45°42'N
Teroro Crater 88°6'E 75°48'S
Teteoinnan Corona 149°30'E 38°30'S
Tethus Regio 120°0'E 66°0'N
Teumere Crater 88°6'E 38°18'S
Teura Crater 90°12'E 12°18'S
Tey Patera 10°54'W 17°48'S
Tezan Dorsa 47°6'E 81°24'N
Thallo Mons 126°30'W 76°0'N
Thaukhud Linea 128°0'W 24°0'S
Theia Mons 79°0'W 22°42'N
Themis Regio 75°48'W 37°24'S
Theodora Patera 80°0'W 23°0'N
Thermuthis Corona 33°0'E 8°0'S
Thetis Regio 129°54'E 11°24'S
Thomas Crater 87°30'W 13°0'S
Thouris Corona 12°54'E 6°30'S
Tie Fluctus 159°0'E 21°0'N
Tiffany Crater 22°54'E 8°42'S
Tikoiwuti Dorsa 135°0'W 56°0'N
Tilli-Hanum Planitia 120°0'E 54°0'N
Tinatin Planitia 15°0'E 15°0'S
Tingoi Vallis 41°24'W 6°0'N
Tinianavyt Dorsa 121°0'W 51°0'S
Tinyl Crater 132°6'E 9°42'N
Tipporah Patera 43°0'E 38°54'N
Tituba Corona 145°18'W 42°24'N
Tituba Patera 145°18'W 42°24'N
Tkashi-mapa Chasma 154°0'W 13°0'N
Toci Tholus 4°54'W 29°30'N
Toklas Crater 86°54'W 0°42'N
Tolgonay Crater 88°54'W 68°48'N
Toma Mons 128°0'W 12°54'S
Tomem Dorsa 7°12'E 31°12'N
Tonatzin Corona 164°0'E 53°0'S
Toyo-uke Corona 41°30'E 62°30'S
Triglava Corona 95°0'E 53°30'S
Trollope Crater 113°36'W 54°48'S
Trotula Corona 18°54'E 41°18'N
Trotula Patera 18°54'E 41°18'N
Truth Crater 72°12'W 28°42'N
Ts'an Nu 87°6'W 27°12'S
Tsects Chasma 35°0'E 61°36'S
Tseraskaya Crater 79°12'E 28°36'N
Tsetsa Crater 42°18'W 31°18'N
Tsiala Crater 100°0'E 2°54'N
Tsovinar Dorsa 106°0'W 46°0'S
Tsunghi Fluctus 130°0'E 67°0'S
Tsvetayeva Crater 147°24'E 64°36'N
Tsyrma Crater 41°30'W 14°6'S
Tubman Crater 155°24'W 23°36'N
Tukwunag Dorsa 155°0'E 69°0'S
Tuli Mons 45°24'W 13°18'N
Tumas Corona 8°48'W 16°18'S
Tünde Crater 167°0'W 76°48'N
Tunehakwe Corona 56°24'W 33°24'S
Turan Planum 116°30'E 13°0'S
Tureshmat Corona 70°30'W 51°30'S
Turgmam Fluctus 140°0'W 56°0'N
Turi Tholus 137°42'W 66°54'S
Tursa Tholus 154°48'W 35°24'S
Tursunoy Crater 130°42'W 80°54'N
Tushita Tesserae 54°0'E 42°0'S
Tusholi Corona 101°12'E 69°30'N
Tussaud Crater 139°0'W 21°42'N
Tutelina Corona 12°0'W 29°0'N
Tuulikki Mons 85°18'W 10°18'N
Tuyara Crater 15°30'E 62°54'S
Tuzandi Mons 41°30'E 42°30'S
Tyche Tessera 14°30'E 44°0'S
Ua-ogrere Mons 117°0'E 40°30'N
Ualinka Crater 168°36'E 13°12'N
Ubastet Fluctus 27°0'E 48°0'S
Udagan Crater 153°6'W 10°42'N
Udaltsova Crater 84°42'W 20°18'S
Udyaka Crater 172°54'E 30°54'N
Ugatame Corona 105°0'W 76°30'S
Ugne Crater 154°12'W 34°54'N
Uilata Fluctus 46°0'W 17°0'N
Ukemochi Corona 63°54'W 39°0'S
Ul'yana Crater 107°0'W 24°18'N
Uleken Crater 174°54'W 33°42'N
Ulfrun Regio 135°0'W 27°0'N
Ulgen-ekhe Coronae 136°0'W 14°12'S
Ulla Crater 175°30'W 51°30'S
Ulpu Crater 179°0'E 35°42'S
Ulrique Crater 55°36'E 75°54'N
Uluk Crater 178°36'E 62°12'S
Umaga Valles 152°0'E 49°0'S
Umaima Crater 164°36'W 23°18'S
Umay-ene Corona 50°30'E 27°30'S
Umkana Crater 161°24'W 53°18'S
Unay Crater 172°42'E 53°30'N
Undine Planitia 57°0'W 13°0'N
Undset Crater 60°48'E 51°42'N
Unelanuhi Dorsa 87°0'E 12°0'N
Uni Dorsa 114°18'E 33°42'N
Unitkak Crater 160°30'W 40°48'N
Unuk Dorsa 8°30'W 4°30'S
Uorsar Rupes 18°48'W 76°48'N
Uottakh-sulus Valles 121°0'W 12°30'N
Upunusa Tholus 107°36'W 66°12'N
Urazbike Crater 157°30'W 9°0'S
Urd Tessera 174°30'E 40°0'S
Uretsete Mons 99°0'W 12°0'S
Urkuk Dorsa 40°0'W 12°0'S
Urutonga Colles 154°0'E 10°0'N
Ushas Mons 35°24'W 24°18'S
Ustinya Crater 108°24'W 41°12'S
Ustrecha Tesserae 95°0'W 43°0'S
Ut Rupes 38°6'W 55°18'N
Uti Hiata Mons 69°0'E 16°0'N
Utrenitsa Vallis 80°0'W 55°0'N
Utset Corona 167°0'E 55°30'S
Uvaysi Crater 161°42'W 2°18'N
Uyengimi Crater 155°6'W 76°54'S
Uzume Fluctus 139°42'W 28°36'N
Văcărescu Crater 160°12'W 63°0'S
Vacuna Corona 96°0'E 60°24'N
Vaidilute Rupes 22°0'E 43°30'S
Vaiva Dorsum 156°0'W 53°12'S
Vaka Crater 8°54'E 41°24'S
Vakarine Vallis 23°36'W 5°0'N
Vako-nana Tesserae 40°0'E 27°0'N
Valadon Crater 167°42'E 49°0'S
Valborg Crater 87°54'W 75°30'N
Valentina Crater 144°6'E 46°24'N
Valerie Crater 30°54'E 6°24'S
Valkyrie Fossae 7°0'E 58°12'N
Vallija Crater 120°0'E 26°18'N
Vanessa Crater 1°54'E 6°0'S
Var Mons 43°48'W 1°12'N
Vard Crater 45°30'W 17°30'N
Varma-Ava Dorsa 91°12'W 62°18'N
Varya Crater 148°12'W 2°48'N
Varz Chasma 27°0'E 71°18'N
Vashti Crater 43°42'E 6°48'S
Vasilisa Regio 28°0'W 11°0'S
Vasilutsa Crater 25°36'W 16°30'N
Vassi Crater 13°30'W 34°24'N
Vasudhara Corona 2°42'E 43°12'N
Ved-Ava Corona 143°0'E 33°0'N
Veden-Ema Vallis 141°0'E 15°0'S
Vedma Dorsa 159°0'E 42°0'N
Vega 1 lander Spacecraft 176°42'E 8°6'N
Vega 2 lander Spacecraft 179°24'E 7°12'S
Vejas-mate Dorsa 115°0'W 70°30'S
Veleda Linea 147°0'W 10°0'S
Vellamo Planitia 149°6'E 45°24'N
Venera 10 lander Spacecraft -70°48'E 16°0'N
Venera 11 lander Spacecraft -61°0'E 14°0'S
Venera 12 lander Spacecraft -66°0'E 7°0'S
Venera 13 lander Spacecraft -57°0'E 7°30'S
Venera 14 lander Spacecraft -50°0'E 13°15'S
Venera 4 entry Spacecraft 38°0'E 19°0'N
Venera 5 entry Spacecraft 18°0'E 3°0'S
Venera 6 entry Spacecraft 23°0'E 5°0'S
Venera 7 lander Spacecraft -9°0'E 5°0'S
Venera 8 lander Spacecraft -25°0'E 10°0'S
Venera 9 lander Spacecraft -70°48'E 31°1'N
Venilia Mons 121°12'W 32°42'N
Verdandi Corona 65°12'E 5°30'S
Veriko Crater 9°54'W 20°24'N
Veronica Crater 124°36'E 38°6'S
Verpeja Tesserae 160°0'E 58°0'S
Vesna Crater 139°30'W 60°18'S
Vesper Vallis 180°0'E 59°18'S
Vesta Rupes 36°6'W 58°18'N
Vesuna Corona 85°0'W 65°30'S
Veta Crater 10°30'W 42°36'N
Vetsorgo Dorsum 163°0'E 6°30'S
Viardot Patera 105°42'W 7°0'S
Vibert-Douglas Patera 165°42'W 11°36'S
Vigée-Lebrun Crater 141°24'E 17°18'N
Vihansa Linea 20°0'E 54°0'N
Vilakh Tholus 176°30'E 6°30'S
Villepreux-Power Patera 150°0'W 22°0'S
Vinmara Planitia 152°24'W 53°48'N
Viola Crater 119°30'W 36°6'S
Vir-ava Chasma 124°0'E 16°30'S
Vires-Akka Chasma 18°24'W 75°36'N
Virga Crater 7°42'E 26°54'S
Virginia Crater 174°6'W 52°54'S
Virilis Tesserae 120°18'W 56°6'N
Viriplaca Planum 112°0'E 20°0'S
Virtus Linea 21°0'E 12°0'N
Virve Crater 13°6'W 5°6'S
Vishera Vallis 161°36'E 33°6'S
Vlasta Crater 109°54'W 28°24'N
Volkova Crater 117°48'W 75°12'N
Volyana Crater 0°6'W 60°36'N
von Paradis Crater 45°6'W 32°12'S
von Schuurman Crater 169°0'W 5°0'S
Von Siebold Crater 36°36'E 52°0'S
von Suttner Crater 125°6'W 10°36'S
Vostrukha Mons 60°36'W 6°18'S
Vovchok Patera 50°0'W 38°0'S
Voynich Crater 56°6'E 35°24'N
Vupar Tholus 54°0'W 13°30'S
Vut-Ami Fluctus 67°0'E 38°0'S
Waka Mons 152°18'W 26°18'N
Wala Dorsa 62°0'E 17°0'S
Wanda Crater 36°54'W 71°18'N
Wang Zhenyi Crater 142°12'W 13°12'N
Warren Crater 176°30'E 11°42'S
Wawalag Planitia 143°0'W 30°0'S
Wazata Crater 61°42'W 33°36'N
Weil Crater 76°54'W 19°24'N
Wen Shu Crater 56°18'W 5°0'S
Wendla Crater 152°24'W 22°30'N
West Crater 57°0'W 26°6'N
Wharton Crater 61°54'E 55°42'N
Whatitiri Corona 140°0'E 83°0'S
Wheatley Crater 92°0'W 16°36'N
Whiting Crater 128°0'E 6°6'S
Whitney Crater 151°18'E 30°12'S
Wieck Crater 115°12'W 74°12'S
Wilde Patera 93°42'W 21°18'S
Wilder Crater 122°36'E 17°24'N
Willard Crater 63°54'W 24°36'S
Wilma Crater 1°42'E 36°42'N
Winema Crater 168°36'E 3°0'N
Winnemucca Crater 121°6'E 15°24'S
Wiwi-yokpa Crater 131°36'W 73°48'S
Wohpe Tholus 71°54'W 41°24'N
Wollstonecraft Crater 99°12'W 39°6'S
Woodhull Patera 54°36'W 37°24'N
Woolf Crater 27°12'E 37°42'S
Workman Crater 60°6'W 12°54'S
Wu Hou Crater 42°36'W 25°30'S
Wurunsemu Tholus 150°6'W 40°36'N
Wynne Crater 53°36'E 55°0'N
Wyrd Mons 112°48'W 14°0'N
Xantippe Crater 11°48'E 10°54'S
Xaratanga Chasma 70°0'E 54°0'S
Xcacau Corona 131°0'E 56°0'S
Xcanil Corona 43°0'E 37°0'S
Xenia Crater 110°36'W 30°18'S
Xi Wang Crater 152°0'W 14°0'N
Xi Wang-mu Tessera 62°0'E 30°0'S
Xiao Hong Crater 101°42'E 43°30'S
Xilonen Corona 39°0'W 51°0'N
Ximena Crater 116°24'W 68°12'S
Xmukane Corona 90°30'W 28°12'S
Xochiquetzal Mons 90°0'W 3°30'N
Xquiq Corona 14°36'E 38°6'N
Xtoh Mons 165°48'W 39°42'N
Xulab Vallis 174°0'W 57°30'S
Ya-Yerv Corona 146°0'W 9°0'S
Yablochkina Crater 164°42'W 48°18'N
Yagami Fluctus 152°0'E 80°36'S
Yakyt Crater 170°12'E 2°6'N
Yale Crater 88°48'W 13°24'S
Yalyane Dorsa 177°0'E 7°0'N
Yambika Crater 151°18'W 32°36'N
Yanbike Corona 31°30'W 1°30'S
Yaroslavna Corona 21°12'E 38°48'N
Yaroslavna Patera 21°12'E 38°48'N
Yasuko Crater 169°0'E 26°6'S
Yazruk Crater 160°12'E 21°12'N
Yelya Crater 148°18'W 47°30'S
Yemysh Crater 145°18'W 11°54'N
Yenkhoboy Fossae 7°0'E 48°0'S
Yenlik Crater 134°36'W 16°0'S
Yerguk Crater 133°12'W 42°42'N
Yeska Crater 129°54'W 27°24'N
Yetta Crater 174°36'W 58°36'N
Ymoja Vallis 155°12'W 71°36'S
Yokhtik Crater 158°6'E 50°6'S
Yoko Crater 128°0'W 5°42'S
Yolanda Crater 152°42'E 7°48'N
Yolkai-Estsan Mons 166°0'W 17°0'N
Yomile Crater 138°42'E 27°18'S
Yonge Crater 115°6'E 14°0'S
Yonok Crater 125°54'W 65°6'S
Yonsuk Crater 125°12'W 34°0'S
Yoshioka Crater 59°0'E 32°24'S
Ytunde Crater 81°6'E 49°54'N
Yuki-Onne Tessera 99°0'W 39°0'N
Yumyn-Udyr Dorsa 164°42'E 81°24'N
Yunya-mana Mons 75°0'W 18°0'S
Yurt-Ava Tholus 18°30'W 13°48'S
Yuvkha Valles 120°30'W 10°30'N
Yuzut-Arkh Fossae 136°0'W 48°0'N
Yvette Crater 110°24'W 7°30'N
Yvonne Crater 61°36'W 56°0'S
Zakiya Crater 125°54'W 66°30'S
Zaltu Mons 163°30'E 18°0'N
Zamin Corona 101°42'W 31°30'N
Zamudio Crater 170°42'W 9°36'N
Zaramama Corona 119°30'W 22°0'S
Zarema Crater 124°48'W 16°48'N
Zaryanitsa Dorsa 170°0'E 0°0'N
Zdravka Crater 61°0'W 65°6'N
Zeinab Crater 159°36'E 2°12'S
Žemaite Patera 97°0'W 35°0'S
Zemfira Crater 157°42'E 46°12'S
Žemina Corona 174°0'W 11°42'S
Zemire Corona 47°30'W 31°30'N
Zemlika Corona 50°0'E 33°30'S
Zenobia Crater 28°36'E 29°18'S
Zerine Crater 101°24'W 29°36'S
Zewana Chasma 148°0'W 9°0'N
Zheztyrnak Fossae 178°0'W 67°30'S
Zhibek Planitia 157°0'E 40°0'S
Zhilova Crater 125°42'E 66°18'N
Zhivana Corona 72°30'W 13°0'N
Zhu Shuzhen Crater 3°30'W 26°30'S
Zija Crater 95°0'W 3°30'S
Zimcerla Dorsa 73°30'E 47°30'S
Zina Crater 39°54'W 41°54'N
Zipaltonal Fluctus 108°42'W 37°42'N
Zirka Tessera 60°0'W 33°0'N
Zisa Corona 139°0'W 12°0'N
Živile Crater 113°6'E 48°48'N
Zlata Crater 26°6'W 64°36'N
Zorile Dorsa 21°36'W 39°54'N
Zorya Tholus 24°42'W 9°24'S
Zosia Crater 109°12'E 18°54'S
Zoya Crater 123°48'W 69°6'N
Zuhrah Crater 3°0'W 34°42'N
Zula Crater 78°0'W 7°18'N
Zulfiya Crater 101°54'E 18°24'N
Zulma Crater 102°0'E 7°42'S
Zumrad Crater 94°48'E 32°6'N
Zurka Crater 84°48'W 12°48'S
Zvereva Crater 76°54'W 45°24'N
Žverine Chasma 89°0'W 18°30'N
Zywie Corona 68°48'W 38°36'S