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Orbiter IRC[edit]

The OrbitHangar Orbiter IRC channel is maintained 24/7 for the use of the Orbiter community. It can be accessed via any conventional IRC client (such as Visual IRC) or via the OrbitHangar web-based client.

Connection Details[edit]


Port: 6667

Channel: #orbiter-forum


Operators for the server are:

  • Vash
  • Hendo
  • X-Viila
  • MaverickTech
  • daver
  • Nerull

House Rules[edit]

Rules for OrbiterNet IRC

Remember that these servers are provided by private individuals using their own hardware and bandwidth. Using these services (servers and channels) is a privilege, NOT a right.

These rules apply primarily to #Orbiter and associated channels. However all of this IRC network is private and the IRC Operators have the right to excercise jurisdiction in ANY channel formed on these servers.

1. Behave yourself. Respect and try to be polite and courteous to other users.

2. No abusive behaviour. This includes, but is not limited to, trolling, racism, excessive swearing and all around being a jerk. For proper conduct refer to rule #1.

3. The IRC Operators have final say in everything. If told to shut up, continuing to argue will only result in a ban. Disobeying an IRC Operator will result in a ban. Do not do so.

4. For anything not covered in these rules, refer to rule #3.

Logging is allowed by members. However, systematic use of discussions recorded from these channels, that is not in accordance to good taste, will be frowned upon and may result in sanctions. Logging for specific purpose of discrediting, disgracing or disreputing any member will not be tolerated. Namescanning (joining the channel for purpose of obtaining namelist and departing) will not be tolerated.

Primary method of discipline is banning. Serious infractions, repeated infractions, or continuing behaviour despite being told not to will result in a ban. Attempts to subvert ban and rejoin channel will not be tolerated and will result in permanent banning to all channels and K-line on the servers.

If you have been banned in the past and have not been given explicit permission to return, be aware that the ban can and will be re-instated at any time once found out about your return. If you are banned and wish to discuss your return, contact the IRC Operator who issued the ban after you truly remorse your past behaviour. Any bans may or may not be lifted at the sole discretion of the IRC Operators.