Autopilot 1.7

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AutopilotMFD is a multipurpose MFD module for the Orbiter space simulation. This update contains the current AIRAC database with all earth navaids (VOR, NDB, ILS, Intersections) as AIRAC Cycle : 0510 (29/SEP/2005 - 26/OCT/2005) - Rev.1. Thanks to Richard Stefan from Will install all major earth airports with runways and ILS freq into orbiter. Enhanced AP panel and EFIS included. EFIS allows for complete earth navigation by easy clicks on the panel. Hover and vector programs redesigned. New flightplan commands.

Find all details at: Autopilot manual

Unzip the download to orbiter directory as usual. Back up your earth.cfg file before installation. FS2004 version is now prerelease. Stay tuned ...

Available at Orbithangar