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The ASM-135A ASAT is a historic air-launched anti-satellite missile, designed in the early 1980s.

Near miss with the MKV

Firing procedure[edit]

The firing procedure is subject to development. Known so far is: You need to fly inside the ground track of the target, against its direction of travel. At the right lead angle between target and you, pull up and release ASAT at about 65°. Don't drop your nose to soon, for preventing collision with the ASAT. It as a small delay between drop and ignition of the first stage, and accelerates initially at rather modest 5g.

Attachment interface[edit]

The ASM-135A uses the Black Dart standard for its attachment orientation: Direction has to point outside the pylon (typically -Y), rotation points forward (+Z). If attached and released, the ASM-135A automatically switches to automatic sequence.

Keyboard controls[edit]

Esc Abort MKV mission (MKV only)
G toggle manual/Auto control
J Jettison stages, spin up MKV, release MKV
O Set launch flag for initiating automatic sequence
Space Fire divert thruster (MKV)
Num 2 Flip divert vector by 180° (MKV)
Num 4 Rotate divert vector CCW (MKV)
Num 5 Reset divert vector to guidance (MKV)
Num 6 Rotate divert vector CW (MKV)