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[*] I think there should be a plugin addons category as well. Orbiter sound should be a plugin, also GlassCockpit etc. A miscellanious addon would maybe be a new texture, mapMFD maps, etc..

It's easy enough to create a new category...just add the relevant category link to the bottom of the appropriate page(s) and the category will be created automatically. Unless, of course, the policy is (or will be) that new categories will have to be approved, and unapproved categories will be removed. This is why my posts below are important--so we know what's going on, what is and is not acceptable.
Also, I'm not sure who you are (and I'm too lazy to go through the history to find out), but could you start signing your posts? It's easier to keep track of a discussion if you know who's saying what. Thanks! Kmweber 3 August 2005 18:04 (MSD)


Do we want to delete articles that are inappropriate for an Orbiter wiki, or do we just want to strongly discourage creation of them but not do anything once they're there? This is an important issue. Kmweber 2 August 2005 02:50 (MSD)

Rulemaking procedures and admin powers[edit]

Also, we need to work out what kind of powers admins have. If the only admin is going to be whoever it is who set this site up, then it's irrelevant--it's his site, he can do whatever the hell he wants. However, if there are going to be other admins, then they (as well as all the other users) will need to know what the limits are on their powers--under what conditions can they, for instance delete or protect pages, etc.? Are the limits going to be handed down from the owners of the site or will they be determined by a community procedure? These are important decisions. The decision as to whether policymaking is to be done by decree by the owners or community decision or some other mechanism will need to be decided by the site owners (since it's their site, it's their rules), and then the rest of us can get to work accordingly. Kmweber 2 August 2005 03:04 (MSD)

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