KeyComm Prefix Registry

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This page holds the self-assigned prefixes for use in a KeyComm based add-ons.

Add-on makers are encouraged to take as few prefixes as required, typically one per add-on.

How Prefixes Work[edit]


Similar to how IP addresses have masks and subnets, our 2^32 - 2^8 (4,294,967,040, or 0xFFFF FF00) 
values could be split. Suppose we assume each vessel or add-on would never need more 
than 2^16 (0xFFFF) values. That leaves 0xFFFF values for the prefix.

A particular vessel add-on might have a prefix of 0x39A0. It could accept messages anywhere 
between 0x39A0 0000 and 0x39A0 FFFF (966,787,072 to 966,852,607). Of course the messages would 
have to be defined and published for others to use.

Of course the lower prefix of 0x0000 might be reserved for the keyboard commands and some generic 
vessel requests, such as "What is your prefix?" and "Do you support <Name> feature?"

Prefix List[edit]

Please help keep this list ordered by prefix. Also please use hex notation for the prefixes.

Please only reserve a prefix in this table when you have started a legitimate add-on requiring KeyComm. As of December 5, 2007, KeyComm is only an idea, so generally no one should need to reserve a prefix until at least an alpha release of KeyComm. (An exception is made for Hielor, who came up with the technique.)

Prefix Add-on
0x0000 Reserved for generic messages
0x0001 Hielor Reservation
0xFFFF Reserved for generic messages